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  1. body issues
    Children’s T-Shirts Printed With ‘Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels’ Banned in U.K.The Advertising Standards Authority said the shirts were “harmful to children.”
  2. body issues
    New Website Allows Real Women to Anonymously Post Photos of Their Real BodiesIt’s supposed to help chicks get a real image of how they look to the outside world.
  3. body issues
    Model Anne V. Only Feels Comfortable at a ‘Certain Weight’Not the more voluptuous weight ‘Sports Illustrated’ swimsuit issue editors want to get her to.
  4. body issues
    Another Beauty Queen Alleges She Was De-Crowned for Gaining WeightIs this becoming a “thing”?
  5. body issues
    Video: A Woman Was Allegedly Kicked Out of Wal-Mart for Trying To Buy Sour Cream in a String BikiniWhich is unfortunate for her on many levels.
  6. body issues
    Topshop Removed Photos of Model Codie Young After Critics Called Her Too SkinnyMeanwhile, Young defended her eating habits on her own blog.
  7. body issues
    American Medical Association Denounces PhotoshopSadly, these kinds of authoritative statements from these organizations are still necessary.
  8. body issues
    Super-Thin Chicks Earn More Money Than Chicks of Average WeightA new study shows that “very thin” women earn around $22,000 more than their “average weight counterparts.”
  9. body issues
    Skinny Models Provide Useful Incentives for Obese People to Lose Weight, Italian Researchers ReportToday in ridiculous model weight theories.
  10. body issues
    Is Model Kate Upton the Answer to the Skinny Backlash Against Victoria’s Secret?She’s curvier, as they say, than the recently criticized Candice Swanepoel.
  11. body issues
    Video: The ‘Perfect’ Bodies From Vogue’s ‘Shape’ IssueJoan Smalls and Daria Werbowy talk about how imperfect models’ bodies are.
  12. body issues
    Candice Swanepoel Responds to Weight-Loss AccusationsShe thinks it’s nice the ‘Daily News’ cares about her, though.
  13. body issues
    Candice Swanepoel Accused of Looking ‘Shockingly Thin’She’s a model. Can you believe she would be skinny? CAN YOU?
  14. body issues
    Hervé Léger Thinks Models Are ‘Too Skinny, Too Sad’He misses the Cindy Crawfords and Linda Evangelistas of the nineties.
  15. body issues
    Sessilee Lopez’s Mom Has Seen a Model Eat Cotton Balls to Feel FullAnd Sessilee “has never had a weight problem that kick-boxing couldn’t solve.” A weight PROBLEM?
  16. body issues
    Franca Sozzani Blames Facebook and Pro-Anorexia Websites for the Rise of Eating DisordersShe’s trying to start an initiative to get them taken down — while denying fashion’s role in the problem.
  17. body issues
    And Here’s the Inevitable Story About Kate Moss’s CelluliteCan you bah-LIEVE she would possess such a normal, human thing?
  18. body issues
    Video: Crystal Renn Once Weighed 95 PoundsShe thought that’s what she had to do to make it in modeling.
  19. terrible things
    Model Who Spoke Out About Problems With Anorexia Has DiedShe was 28.
  20. quotables
    Christie Brinkley Works Out While Slicing Vegetables“Ok, I’m going to multi task.”
  21. body issues
    Yet Another Model’s Eating Disorder History RecountedKaren Elson’s problems began when she was 7.
  22. body issues
    Crystal Renn Accused of Not Being Plus-SizeWhen she works out, everybody freaks out.
  23. party lines
    Kelly Osbourne: ‘I Don’t Care What Anyone Else Says, Working Out #$&@* Sucks!’“What I find really helps me is when I put on little cute outfits to go to the gym.”
  24. body issues
    Crystal Renn Explains Exactly How Full-Figured Models Could Get More Runway Work“We’re all talking all the time about how we want to see fuller-figured women in fashion, but that’s really impossible unless we have the clothes.”
  25. the curvy campaign
    Yet Another Reason Why More Plus-Size Clothes Don’t ExistFashion students don’t want to learn how to make them!
  26. body issues
    Doutzen Kroes Juice Fasts Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion ShowIt’s not like she looks the way she does by eating cupcakes.
  27. body issues
    Mario Testino Seems Unconcerned With Eating Disorders Among Models“I was skinny too at their age,” he says.
  28. body issues
    Maybe All Those Plus-size Models Pose Nude Because They Have Nothing Great to WearLabels don’t want to pay to figure out how to make fantastic clothes that will fit plus-size body types.
  29. body issues
    Minister in the U.K. Pushes to Ban Photoshopping and Underweight Models“Christina Hendricks is absolutely fabulous. We need more of those role models.”
  30. body issues
    Video: Crystal Renn Explains Her Weight Loss on the Today ShowShe recently started an exercise program after seven years recovering from anorexia.
  31. body issues
    Crystal Renn Says She Was Photoshopped Thinner in Her Fashion for Passion T-Shirt ShootThe photographer says he “shaped her” and “did nothing that I wouldn’t do to anyone.”
  32. model tracker
    Crystal Renn Appears to Have Lost More WeightSadly, this is a story that could affect her career.
  33. skinny backlash
    Australia Attempts to Ban Thin Models, Heavy RetouchingA new plan will give a stamp of approval to magazines and designers who meet the new guidelines.
  34. body issues
    Breaking: Lo Bosworth Has CelluliteAnd she’s fronting a cellulite-banishment campaign.
  35. body issues
    Video: Adriana Lima Isn’t Happy With Her Post-Baby Body YetYou know the world is a sad place when even women who look like her feel this way.
  36. body issues
    If Crystal Renn Lost Any Weight, It Wasn’t Because She Tried ToSometimes people go hiking and these things just happen.
  37. body issues
    Dubious Study Finds Male Six-pack Imagery OverratedNot on this blog, it isn’t!
  38. body issues
    Magazine Editors Hate Photoshopping Thin Models Bigger, But Do It AnywayIt’s easier than rebooking the entire shoot.
  39. body issues
    120-Pound Australia’s Next Top Model Contestant Asked to Lose WeightThe television network even admitted this.
  40. body issues
    Garance Doré Clears Up Those Negative Plus-Size–Model CommentsShe explains she has no problem with curves, even her own.
  41. body issues
    Garance Doré Skeptical of the ‘Unhealthy’ and ‘Not Always Flattering’ Plus-Size–Model TrendEh, she’ll probably just end up shooting them in a few weeks.
  42. body issues
    Iman’s Daughter Does Not Have Her Mother’s MetabolismShe’s been on a diet since she was 8.
  43. the curvy campaign
    French Elle Devoted the April Issue to Plus-size ModelsIt includes the requisite plus-size nudity.
  44. body issues
    Anna Wintour, Michael Kors, and Natalia Vodianova Discussed Eating Disorders in BostonLately, all the good fashion stuff happens in Boston.
  45. body issues
    Plus-size Models in Ads May Just Make Women Feel Bad About ThemselvesA new study advises against casting heavier models in ads, in most instances.
  46. body issues
    Model Kim Noorda Chronicled a Year of Her Weight Struggles for VogueHers is a very sad story.
  47. body issues
    Alessandra Ambrosio Calls Criticism of Her Weight ‘Ridiculous’“If I’m two pounds heavier, I’m fat. If I’m skinnier, I’m sick.”
  48. show and tell
    Fern Mallis Thinks This Season’s Models ‘Weren’t Beanpoles’“I haven’t seen so many scary-looking girls this time.”
  49. model tracker
    Ali Stephens Doesn’t Walk Many Shows Since She Refuses to Starve HerselfAt 18, she says she’s grown hips many designers don’t like.
  50. body issues
    The Fashion Industry’s Disturbing View of Gemma Ward’s Weight GainThey can’t accept that maybe it was just a natural part of growing up.
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