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  1. body language
    I Hate That I Hate Holding HandsSome bitter thoughts on a surprisingly polarizing practice.
  2. body language
    Once Again, Donald Trump Awkwardly Tries to Hold His Wife’s HandIt’s the pinkie wiggle that really does it.
  3. What Exactly Is Going On With Donald and Melania Trump’s Body Language?Remember Inauguration Day? ▶️
  4. Watch the Exact Moment When Eye Contact Goes From Friendly to WeirdIt happens pretty quickly.
  5. If You’re Conscious of Your Body Language, You Might Be an Anxious PersonThe link between gesture and personality.
  6. body language
    What The Jinx Reveals About Lies and Body LanguageWhat was happening with that weirdly intense blinking, for one?
  7. body language
    Victoria’s Secret Replaced a Controversial Slogan With Burbling Incoherence“A Body for Every Body.”
  8. relationships
    At What Point Does PDA Mean a Couple Is Back Together?Arnold grabs Maria’s butt, Justin kisses Selena.