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Body Shaming

  1. power
    Lizzo Wants a Judge to Dismiss Dancers’ LawsuitThe singer “denies each and every allegation” against her.
  2. rude
    Please Stop Body-shaming This BearLeave Angela alone.
  3. celebrity
    Selena Gomez Is Prioritizing Her Health Over Body-Shamers“I would much rather be healthy and take care of myself.”
  4. culture
    Taylor Swift, Fatphobia, and MeSwift should know better than to use “fat” as a bad word.
  5. camila cabello
    Camila Cabello Says Paparazzi Ruined Her VacationThe singer opened up about the psychological toll of being hounded for bikini pics.
  6. body shaming?
    Stormy Daniels Regrets ‘Body Shaming’ Donald TrumpShe says in a new interview that she wished she didn’t make fun of his anatomy in her new book.
  7. This Principal Told Teens Not to Wear Leggings Unless They’re a ‘Size 0 or 2’“Unless you are a size 0 or 2 and you wear something like that, you look fat.”
  8. trolls
    Hilary Duff Tells Body-Shamers to ‘Kiss My Ass’In an Instagram post showing off her butt.
  9. crime
    Here’s How the Woman Who Was Body-Shamed by a Model on Snapchat Is DoingLos Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer says this entire experience has been “humiliating.”
  10. Rihanna Shuts Down Body-Shamers With Highly Effective Gucci Mane MemeA sports blogger had accused Rihanna of gaining weight.
  11. bad ads
    Chloë Grace Moretz ‘Appalled and Angry’ Over Her Movie’s Body-Shaming AdThe controversial ad for Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs was quickly pulled.
  12. not so model behavior
    The Model Who Body-Shamed a Nude Woman on Snapchat Gave Her First InterviewDani Mathers says she “never meant to hurt” the other woman involved.
  13. body shaming
    Olympic Medalist Aly Raisman Says She Was Bodyshamed by TSA AgentsHmmmmmmm.
  14. not so model behavior
    Model Who Body-Shamed a Woman in Her Gym Locker Room Receives 3 Years’ ProbationPlayboy model Dani Mathers pleaded no contest to invasion of privacy charges.
  15. body-shaming
    Ariel Winter Doesn’t Care If You Think She’s ExtraShe got glam for a Modern Family event.
  16. body-shaming
    Tess Holliday Says She’s Boycotting Uber After a Driver Fat-Shamed Her“I’m fat. I also have a fat wallet & will no longer be using your services.”
  17. forget the haters
    Gabourey Sidibe Addresses Body-Shamers Who Think She Doesn’t Deserve LoveThe actress opened up about the criticism she gets online and her decision to undergo surgery for weight loss.
  18. Model Could Go to Jail for Taking a Photo of a Nude Woman in Gym Locker RoomShe might face six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.
  19. not so model behavior
    Model Charged With a Crime After Sharing Photo of Nude Woman in Locker RoomDani Mathers is now facing jail time.
  20. politics
    The Ad for a Congressional Candidate in Maine Touches on Body-Image Struggles“It’s very personal.”
  21. Kesha Stands by Miss Universe Alicia Machado After Donald Trump’s Body-Shaming“You did not deserve to be shamed by this monster.”
  22. love and war
    Playmate Dani Mathers Loses Job, Banned From GymShe posted the photo to her Snapchat story with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”
  23. modern-day horror stories
    Model in Gym Locker Room Doing What You Feared Today in terrible people.
  24. the revolution will wear a caftan
    London Mayor Wants to Ban Body-Shaming ‘Beach Body’ Ads “I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women,” said Sadiq Khan.
  25. the art of trolling
    Kesha’s Body-Shaming Instagram Trolls Never Learn“Kiss my magical imperfect ass.”
  26. baysplaining
    Michael Bay Is Sorry-Not-Sorry About His Rude Kate Beckinsale CommentsThey’re cool, everyone.
  27. women in sports
    Penn State Gymnasts Say Coaches Body-Shamed ThemOne coach has resigned amid allegations of emotional abuse, but former athletes say it’s not enough.
  28. major don’t
    Body-Shaming Cheer Squad Poster Causes OutrageRequirements include: bronze, beachy glow, false lashes, and minimal clothing.
  29. women in sports
    Serena Williams and Her Muscles Win Another Grand SlamA male reporter stupidly asked Williams and other players if they felt insecure about their strong physiques.
  30. body-shaming
    King Tut Is a Victim of Body Shame Posthumously.