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  1. brawls
    Rich People Almost Started a Brawl Over $5 Baby Clothes in the HamptonsDon’t get between a Hamptons mother and her Bonpoint.
  2. mind the gap
    Merci Gap Concept Shop Brings French Style to MidtownStarting September 10, the Gap will open a Merci pop-up store. Marie-France Cohen explained the project to us.
  3. loose threads
    Saks Readies to Open Its $30 Million Floor; Courtney Love to Design Clothes?Also, Michelle Obama took Sasha and Malia shopping at Bonpoint in Paris.
  4. kiddie chic
    Bonpoint Would Like to Dress the Obama Girls on Inauguration Day, But Currently Is Not [Updated]Would it be prudent of their parents to put them in clothes by a French label?
  5. kiddie chic
    Designer Childrenswear Proliferates, Economy Be DamnedA flurry of designer kidswear is about to hit the market. We blame Suri Cruise.