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    How to Get 6 Hours of Sleep a Night As a Brand-New MomA stranger claimed a midwife named Cath could show me the way.
  2. boob tales
    Imagine, a Way to Collect Breast Milk Without a PumpFrancie Webb is a doula who wants you to know the solution is in your own hands.
  3. politics
    Trump Would Love to Declare a Mommy WarThe administration’s failure to support a breastfeeding resolution was also an attempt to divide new parents.
  4. boob tales
    13 Women on What Pumping Breast Milk Feels Like“The day-to-day reality of pumping at work was awful.”
  5. bearing children
    Pumping Breast Milk Just Got a Little Bit More SeriousAfter a tragedy, the CDC released new and more extensive guidelines for cleaning pump parts.
  6. bearing children
    The Parenting Practices That Aren’t Bougie IndulgencesBreastfeeding and parental leave aren’t like expensive sandwiches.
  7. boob tales
    The Weirdness of Breastfeeding Someone Else’s BabyAfter a controversial column, a closer look at boob-swapping.
  8. Writer Behind Bizarre Breastfeeding Story Reportedly SuspendedAccording to the Toronto Star, Leah McLaren has been suspended from the Globe and Mail.
  9. boob tales
    The Internet Discovers a Strange Breastfeeding StoryIn a now-unpublished story, Globe and Mail writer Leah McLaren claims she once tried to breastfeed a politician’s baby without permission.
  10. 22 Women on What Breastfeeding Actually Feels LikeFrom how nursing is like peeing, to what being bitten feels like, to sexual side effects.