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  1. boobs or lose
    School Wants to Take ‘Boobies’ Bracelet Fight to Supreme CourtBreast Cancer Awareness Month has gone too far.
  2. boobs or lose
    When Will the World Catch Up to Topless Rihanna?Activists say boob bans are inconsistently enforced and perpetuate the objectification of women.
  3. boobs or lose
    Brogrammers Unveil ‘TitStare’ at Prominent Tech ConferenceInspiring young girls everywhere to take up coding, probably.
  4. boobs or lose
    Of Course There’s a Creepy Guy Behind FemenA new documentary reveals the Ukrainian group’s sexist leader. 
  5. boobs or lose
    New Bra Ads Promise More Comfort Than BralessnessWhich is impossible, but the effort is appreciated.
  6. title fine
    We Need New, Boob-Friendly SportsBreasts shouldn’t be a handicap across the board.
  7. boobs or lose
    Jourdan Dunn’s Breasts ‘Too Big’ for Dior CoutureShe couldn’t fit into clothes at Dior.
  8. boobs or lose
    Cleavage Bans: Basically Just Size-ism?On making large-breasted girls cover up at prom. 
  9. boobs against islam
    Femen Taking on All of Islam With Mass Sexual ProtestOr something.
  10. i’m a i’m a a diva
    Beyoncé’s Golden Nipple Redux: Is This Her New Look?She reprised her faux-nipple look in Croatia last night.
  11. boobs or lose
    Dark Nipples Are In and Can Be YoursThanks to “tittooing.”
  12. boobs or lose
    Happy ‘Topless Jihad’ DayFemen protests across Europe for their fallen sister, Amina. 
  13. boobs or lose
    Finally, a $200 Dryer for Padded Bras Is Here!We thought this day would never come!
  14. boobs or lose
    Are Women Going Topless for Other Women Now? Lena Dunham, Glamour, and Marc Jacobs lead the charge.
  15. oscars 2013
    The Great Anne Hathaway Dress Debate: Nipples vs. DartsLet’s lay the matter to rest.
  16. q&a
    What It’s Like to Paint on Kate Upton’s Nude BodyA chat with Sports Illustrated’s makeup artist, Joanne Gair.
  17. cover girls
    Oh, Fine, Look at Rihanna and Kate Moss Naked TogetherIt was inevitable, really.
  18. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton Lands the 2013 Sports Illustrated CoverIt’s a photo from that Antarctic shoot. No Oreos in sight, though.
  19. grammys 2013
    Spanx Capitalizes on Nipple Ban at the Grammys“Sidelining sideboob and cracking down on crack.”
  20. bralitics
    Victoria’s Secret Petitioned for Mastectomy ‘Survivor’ BrasMovement leaders will march on the company’s New York headquarters today.
  21. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton Has Trouble Fitting Into Sample Sizes“It’s complicated for a model with boobs!”
  22. things are looking upton
    Kate Upton Cleavage-Free on British Vogue Cover“She’s hardly a heffalump,” says editor Alexandra Shulman.
  23. boobs or lose
    Allure Did Not Rob Keira Knightley of Her NippleSays editor-in-chief Linda Wells.
  24. boobs or lose
    GQ Let Rihanna Keep Her NippleDefying celebrity photo shoot norms. 
  25. boobs or lose
    Keira Knightley Discusses Breast-Photoshopping, Loses Nipple Anyway“If you’re going to make me fantasy breasts, at least make perky breasts.”
  26. cover girls
    We Don’t Want to Call This Kristin Wiig’s Side Boob, But …Let’s call a spade a spade.
  27. boobs or lose
    Dolce & Gabbana Advocate Wearing Bras at All Times“You never see a woman from the south of Italy without a bra. Never!”
  28. boobs or lose
    Breast-Enhancement Surgeries Are on the Rise; Rhinoplasty and Liposuction Are Less PopularOne thing hasn’t changed: The majority of plastic-surgery patients are still white middle-aged women.
  29. boobs or lose
    Naomi Campbell’s Agent: ‘I Now Look for Girls With Breasts’Her biggest demand over the past two years has been for a D-cup.
  30. boobs or lose
    Christina Hendricks Almost Lost an $850,000 Bracelet at the Golden Globes and Then Stashed It in Her Bosom for Safekeeping“The guard watched wide-eyed as Hendricks pulled the bracelet out from her ample cleavage.”
  31. look of the day
    Keri Hilson Loves a Good Boob PatchSomeone was paying attention to the spring runways.
  32. boobs or lose
    Christina Aguilera Raised Arm, Accused of Having a Boob JobIn an effort to always deliver the major breaking news, friends.
  33. beauty marks
    Anna Dello Russo’s Fragrance Ad Is Upon Us; Men Dig Red LipstickAlso, Justin Bieber got a haircut, and a plastic surgeon is suing patients who allegedly gave him nasty reviews on Yelp.
  34. loose threads
    Lara Stone Covers Vogue China; Simon Spurr Consults for Tommy HilfigerAlso, Paz de la Huerta chronicled a week’s worth of her outfits for the New York Times, none of which included underwear.
  35. boobs or lose
    Here Are Undies With Magnetized Closures Instead of ClaspsThe label describes them as “flick-off.”
  36. boobs or lose
    The Queen’s Bra-Maker Is Having Financial WoesMaking house calls to measure boobs isn’t profitable anymore, it seems.
  37. boobs or lose
    Spring 2011 Trend: Boob PatchesWhat woman actually wants to walk around with these things?
  38. boobs or lose
    Jean Paul Gaultier Made a Cone Bra for La Perla!Praise!
  39. look of the day
    We’re seeing triple.Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman, and Erin Heatherton redefine short at a VS product launch.
  40. boobs or lose
    Blake Lively Put Her Chest Away!And got her stomach out!
  41. boobs or lose
    Blake Lively Accused of Showing Too Much Cleavage at Comic-ConShe somehow managed to show more than she ever has at a public event.
  42. boobs or lose
    Jersey Shore Must-Have: The Wine RackAs in the bra, not the furniture.
  43. boobs or lose
    Does the World Have a Bra Problem?And if so, whose fault is it?
  44. boobs or lose
    Jean Paul Gaultier Lingerie to Start at $600Cone bras might not be included.
  45. boobs or lose
    Jean Paul Gaultier to Design Lingerie for the First Time in Almost 30 YearsWill this usher in the return of the cone boob?
  46. boobs or lose
    Why Don’t More Designers Make Plus-Size Bras?The average American woman’s cup size is a 36DD; ten years ago, it was a 36C.
  47. boobs or lose
    The Full-Figured Bra Business Is Booming, and Oprah Is Its ‘Champion’The median bra size in this country is a 36DD now.
  48. people who do nothing (but sort of design) for a living
    Whitney Eve Walks AgainIn lamé-loving Miami.
  49. boobs or lose
    Debate Over Carla Bruni’s Bralessness Provides Excuse for Writers to Discuss Own Breasts at LengthWomen love this sort of thing.
  50. boobs or lose
    The Prada Show Was All About BoobsYes, they’re back!
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