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Boobs Or Lose

  1. boobs or lose
    A Quick Note on Triangle CleavageCourtesy of Jennifer Lopez.
  2. boobs or lose
    Hadley Freeman: Fashion Designers Don’t Care About Breasts Because They Don’t Care About Appealing to Straight Men“When it comes to aesthetics, straight men have no sense at all.”
  3. boobs or lose
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Pads Her Bra With a Vengeance“I’ve been known to have three in at a time for shoots — plus padding.”
  4. boobs or lose
    Nine Costume Designer Prevented Fergie From ‘Flying Out’ of Her CorsetWhen Fergie dances, she DANCES.
  5. Hey, Men, Get Your Boobs Out!Heavage is HAPPENING.
  6. boobs or lose
    GQ Denies Enhancing January Jones’s Breasts on the November CoverThe photo editor says they don’t retouch cleavage, only dark under-eye circles.
  7. boobs or lose
    A Study of January Jones’s GQ CleavageIs digital enhancement at play?
  8. boobs or lose
    American Apparel Can’t Advertise With Nipples in the U.K.Even if it is the back cover of ‘Vice’ magazine.
  9. boobs or lose
    Topless Sunbathing OUT in FranceBut a group of militant feminists is fighting for it.
  10. boobs or lose
    Just Because It’s Hot Out Doesn’t Mean You Have to Wear See-through ClothesLily Allen, Lindsay Lohan, and Rihanna are setting very bad examples.
  11. boobs or lose
    Are Nipples 2009’s Must-have Fashion Accessory?Plastic surgeons are saying yes. Celebrities seem to agree.
  12. boobs or lose
    Guess What the ‘Smart Memory Bra’ Does?It pushes boobs up as women get aroused. Some fancy body-heat foam technology.
  13. boobs or lose
    Pageant Organization Paid for Miss California’s Breast ImplantsBecause she wanted them, okay?