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  1. career
    How Isabel Allende Gets It DoneAt 81, the acclaimed author says she’ll continue to write until she can’t anymore. “Who retires from art?”
  2. breakout
    “I Don’t Like the Feeling of Being Pinned Down”C Pam Zhang’s debut examined an unsung period of Chinese-American history. Her new novel is all about pleasure.
  3. motherhood
    ‘Motherhood Radicalized Me’Author Amanda Montei’s latest meditation on modern-day marrying and mothering, Touched Out, is as gratifying as it is gutting.
  4. q&a
    How Glossier’s Sheen Wore OffA new book traces the rise and stumbles of the most hyped makeup brand of the 2010s.
  5. mothers and daughters
    My Mother the CreatorThe daughter of artist Jennifer Bartlett unpacks and reflects on her complicated legacy — at home and in the art world.
  6. q&a
    Abused by the StateKylie Cheung’s book argues that our government — from abortion bans to the voting booth — prevents survivors from fully participating in public life.
  7. niche drama
    The Smutty Hockey Drama Melting Down BookTokRomance-novel fans pined for Seattle Kraken player Alex Wennberg, who now says their posts crossed the line into sexual harassment.
  8. q&a
    An Acid Trip Through Generational TraumaRuth Madievsky’s ‘All-Night Pharmacy’ is not your typical L.A. story.
  9. recommendations
    The Complete Esther Perel Immersion CourseA guide to the rest of Perel’s (cross-platform, ever-expanding) canon.
  10. culture
    Leïla Slimani Presents: MoroccoThe author discusses how she was able to so vividly render her childhood country’s postcolonial era in her new novel, Watch Us Dance.
  11. brooding
    Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ Is the Best Parenting Book of All TimeWhen all of the accouterments are stripped away, what does it mean to care for a child? That’s what McCarthy was really writing about.
  12. q&a
    The Love Story That Riled Up BookTokThe controversial analysis of race in Everything’s Fine has ruffled some feathers, but author Cecilia Rabess isn’t too fazed.
  13. excerpt
    The Essay That Started It AllNatalie Beach reckons with her decision to write about her relationship with Caroline Calloway and everything that came next.
  14. publishing drama
    Why Are People So Upset About Elizabeth Gilbert’s New Book?The Eat, Pray, Love author announced she’s halting the release of her Soviet-era book following backlash about its setting.
  15. how i get it done
    How Samantha Irby Gets It DoneThe best-selling writer behind four hilarious essay collections and And Just Like That’s infamous kitchen scene waited 14 years to quit her day job.
  16. books
    What Exactly Is a ‘Dykette’ Anyway?Jenny Fran Davis’s queer zillennial comedy of manners exposes what lies beneath the fantasy of a perfect domestic life.
  17. girl interrupted
    Susanna Kaysen Reflects on Girl, Interrupted Turning 30“There was a way in which, for some people, the hospital could be a refuge or a haven, and I don’t think that’s true anymore.”
  18. brooding
    Learning How to Parent from a Warhol Factory Girl at the Chelsea HotelAlex Auder’s mother Viva Superstar was a Warhol girl. As a parent, she thinks kids need less micromanaging by adults.
  19. mother’s day
    15 Books for Mother’s Day That Aren’t About ParentingDon’t Buy Your Mom a Parenting Book for Mother’s Day
  20. swellness
    ‘Wellness’ Was Never About Our Well-BeingIn The Wellness Trap, Christy Harrison goes deep on a wildly profitable industry that preys on vulnerable people who just want to feel better.
  21. motherhood
    We Don’t Perform Motherhood for Our KidsI consistently fail to achieve my fantasy of maternal grace — but you’d never know it from my Instagram.
  22. swellness
    Are You There, Judy Blume? It’s Me, Kelly Fremon Craig.The novelist refused to adapt her most famous work for 50 years. One letter changed her mind.
  23. q&a
    The Case for Resurrecting a Woolly MammothIn The Last Animal, Ramona Ausubel rewrites a grand scientific mission as a strikingly intimate family story.
  24. celebrity
    Minka Kelly Unpacks Toxic Relationships in New MemoirThe actor opens up about her volatile relationship with her mom, harrowing experiences with an ex, and hurtful breakup with a co-star.
  25. first person
    It Doesn’t Matter How We BehaveIf the deck is stacked against Black women anyway, we might as well act how we want.
  26. coffee table status symbol
    A New Book Looks at 165 Years of BurberryJust in time for the brand’s resurgence.
  27. first person
    What Is ‘Natural Beauty,’ Anyway?Ling Ling Huang reflects on her time working in the wellness industry and the steps she’s taken toward practicing “unself-care.”
  28. q&a
    Clarkisha Kent Takes Aim at Racialized Fatphobia in Her New MemoirFilled with pop-culture references, Fat Off, Fat On: A Big Bitch Manifesto is a tool to unlearn anti-fat messaging.
  29. power
    What the Media Gets Wrong About Adoption NarrativesRoxanna Asgarian’s book on the 2018 murder of six adopted children focuses on their birth parents and the broken child-welfare system.
  30. literature
    Listen, There Are Many Ways to Start a BookA-Rod appears to be hand-scrawling his on a stack of personal letterhead labeled “BOOK.”
  31. q&a
    Please Reconsider New Zealand As Your Apocalypse DestinationEleanor Catton’s new novel, ‘Birnam Wood,’ satirizes her country’s utopian image.
  32. terfs
    Here’s What J.K. Rowling Has Actually Said About Trans PeopleA New York Times op-ed insists she’s not transphobic. A long record of her own statements says otherwise.
  33. celebrity
    Olivia Wilde Loves a Cryptic Literary ReferenceWhat is this John Steinbeck quote doing in her Instagram Stories?
  34. books
    A Refreshingly Anti-Trauma-Plot NovelIn Jen Beagin’s splashy new book, Big Swiss, two women heal their wounds with a transformative — and very funny — affair.
  35. reality tv
    Real Housewives Helped Heather Gay Actually Get RealHer new memoir, Bad Mormon, recounts how Bravo delivered her from the church.
  36. culture
    Prince Harry Is Upset About the Wrong ThingHis memoir reveals the limits of his rebellion against a violent and racist institution.
  37. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Harry’s Open BookWith its relentless candor, Spare reveals more than the author may have intended.
  38. keeping up with the royals
    A Guide to the Very British Nicknames in SparePrince Harry really loves a nickname.
  39. celebrity
    Prince Harry Has More to Say About His ‘Todger’Somehow we are still getting new details about the time he got penile frostbite in the North Pole.
  40. books
    The Survivalists Is a Doomsday Fever DreamKashana Cauley’s debut novel raises the question: What would you do to live in a Brooklyn brownstone for free?
  41. year in review
    The Best Books Cut Editors Read This YearA mix of new voices and alarmingly fresh insights from the past.
  42. brooding
    Are There Any Kids’ Books Out There That Are … Actually Good?Wizards and dragons need not apply.
  43. encounter
    Allie Rowbottom Is No Botox MoralistHer new novel, Aesthetica, is a deft horror story about how far we can take our clout-chasing.
  44. tiktok
    BookTok’s Racial BiasTikTok’s algorithm can make or break a book’s success — but it’s not always fair.
  45. the bigger picture
    Queer AmericanaPhotographer Ryan Pfluger captures LGBTQ intimacy in the United States.
  46. culture
    Twin Girls Were Separated at Birth — a New Book Explores What Came NextAn interview with Somewhere Sisters author Erika Hayasaki.
  47. q & a
    Fatimah Asghar Redefines the Orphan NarrativeWhen We Were Sisters explores the beauty and pain of makeshift families.
  48. excerpt
    Dreaming to Decolonize: An Excerpt From Rest Is Resistance“To rest in a DreamSpace is a red brick through the glass window of capitalism.”
  49. how i get it done
    How Pantheon Editor Concepción de León Gets It DoneShe doesn’t write about self-help anymore, but she still had a lot of valuable career, money, and life advice to share.
  50. ambition
    Even Kelly Ripa Has to Deal With Sexist Bulls- - - at WorkAs the Live! host writes in her new collection of essays, seniority is a “masculine word.”
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