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  1. immigration
    Everything We Know About the 8-Year-Old Migrant Boy Who Died in U.S. CustodyAn autopsy revealed that Felipe Alonzo-Gomez died from the flu.
  2. immigration
    Everything We Know About the 7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Who Died in U.S. CustodyJakelin Caal died after waiting over an hour-and-a-half for medical care.
  3. politics
    Government Blames Death of 7-Year-Old Migrant on Parents“Once again, we are begging parents to not put themselves or their children at risk attempting to enter illegally.”
  4. immigration
    A Migrant Child Died of Dehydration in U.S. Custody Hours After She Was DetainedShe appeared to have gone without food or water for days, CBP said.
  5. crime
    A Border Patrol Agent in Texas Killed at Least 4 Women. Here’s What to Know.Juan David Ortiz has been charged with murder for his suspected role in four killings.
  6. juan david ortiz
    Border Patrol Officer Suspected of Killing Four Women in TexasAuthorities are calling him a serial killer.
  7. power
    Video Shows Border Patrol Car Hitting Native American Man, then Driving AwayA member of the Tohono O’odham Nation was filming on his phone when the vehicle appeared to run into him.
  8. semantics
    Border Patrol ‘Very Uncomfortable’ Using the Word ‘Cages’ to Describe CagesThey also admitted that it’s not inaccurate to describe them as such.
  9. immigration
    Border Patrol Detains Young Girl on Her Way to SurgeryAgents stopped Rosamaria Hernandez on her way to the hospital, then waited outside of her room until her emergency surgery was over.
  10. sexual assault
    Teenage Girls Say They Were Sexually Assaulted by a Border-Patrol OfficerThe girls, then 17 and 19, are seeking damages from the federal government.