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Boris Johnson

  1. fashion
    Boris Johnson’s Daughter Has Decided to Blog About HeadbandsIn an essay for Vogue, Lara Johnson-Wheeler wrote about how much she misses her fancy clothes.
  2. government?
    Who Is Black Rod, the Lady Who Controls Parliament With Her Stick?Who is this stern woman who can make Ministers of Parliament get out of their seats?
  3. big girl’s blouse energy
    I’m Sorry, But Do British People Actually Use ‘Big Girl’s Blouse’ As an Insult?A linguistics expert explains the meaning of Boris Johnson’s “big girl’s blouse.”
  4. hugh grant
    Good Tweet, Hugh GrantThe charming man called Boris Johnson an “over-promoted rubber bath toy.”
  5. power
    Real Equality Is When We Can Elect a Female SlobBoris Johnson has become the latest man known for slovenly buffoonery to be elected to high office.
  6. arbitrary lists
    Prince George Is Already More Powerful Than His ParentsAccording to the London Evening Standard.