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  1. advice
    How Not to Make It Worse When a Friend Gets Too Much BotoxYour first reaction cannot be “yikes.”
  2. encounter
    Allie Rowbottom Is No Botox MoralistHer new novel, Aesthetica, is a deft horror story about how far we can take our clout-chasing.
  3. ask a beauty editor
    ‘Do I Need Botox?’Just because everybody’s getting injections, doesn’t mean they’re right for you.
  4. beauty standards
    Even Camels Have Instagram Face NowAnd 40 of them were disqualified from a beauty pageant because of it.
  5. self
    Linda Evangelista Says CoolSculpting Left Her ‘Brutally Disfigured’The supermodel said a rare side effect of the procedure sent her into “a cycle of deep depression, profound sadness, and self-loathing.”
  6. black beauty matters
    Dr. Chaneve Jeanniton’s Success Is Measured in Millimeters“In my head, there’s 1,000 thoughts all at the same time, but that doesn’t happen in the operating room because there’s no room for anything else.”
  7. black beauty matters
    3 Black Women on Their Decision to Get Botox“I was looking at my face and couldn’t help saying, ‘Damn, you look good!’”
  8. self
    Thank You for Talking About Your BotoxAn ode to the public service of keeping it real.
  9. sponcon
    This Is the Most Kris Jenner Gift of All TimeThis Christmas, she’s giving the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan the gift of Botox.
  10. botox
    Would You Instagram Your Botox Appointment?The beauty chain trying to sell injectables to millennials (and teens.)
  11. vanderpump rules
    Tom Sandoval Gets Botox So His Hair Doesn’t Move (?)“When I smile, my ears move up a lot.”
  12. behind the scenes
    The Side of Plastic Surgery You’ve Never SeenA rarely seen side of plastic surgery.
  13. sex lives podcast
    Botox for Buttholes: Yes, It’s a ThingAnal rejuvenation is a new niche in colorectal medicine.
  14. wrinkles in time
    Death Becomes Her Taught Me Everything I Need to Know About AgingTwenty-five years later, the movie is still keeping me from getting Botox.
  15. wrinkles in time
    What It Costs to Be AgelessA breakdown.
  16. God Help Us When the Botox Runs Out on a Monday in the HamptonsDr. Frank, who usually practices cosmetic dermatology on Fifth Avenue in New York City, has his Botox syringes loaded at his weekend house.
  17. crazy beauty rabbit holes
    Finally, a Solution for Wrinkles That WorksBut it might be kind of creepy?
  18. nothing to see here
    Which Oscars Stars Had Plastic Surgery? Nobody Knows Anymore.Lasers and “mini-Botox” have actors looking more natural than ever.
  19. lights camera action
    What Awards Season Is Like for Hollywood’s Most Famous DermatologistWork to werk. 
  20. white lies
    9 Totally Legit Medical Excuses to Use When People Notice You Got Botox“I, uh … suffer from debilitating facial twitching.”
  21. q & a
    Paulina Porizkova: ‘I Feel Sorry for the Girls Who Are Modeling Now’The outspoken icon on aging and Photoshop.
  22. beauty innovations
    Can’t Afford Botox? Try Electrocuting Your FaceA new technology to stave off the dread and existential horror of female old age!
  23. bro-tox
    Men Invent Cute Name to Claim Botox for Themselves“The Age of Bro-Tox.” 
  24. very alternative medicine
    Botox Now Used to Treat Premature EjaculationAnd a whole bunch of other things that aren’t wrinkles.
  25. gooped
    Gwyneth Paltrow Allows Herself One Cigarette Per WeekBut no Botox.
  26. interview
    The Plastic Surgery DealerBeauty consultant Melinda Farina raises eyebrows.
  27. beauty marks
    Iggy Pop Is the New Face of Paco Rabanne’s Scents; Katy Perry Announces Her Second Perfume, ‘Meow’Also, Gwyneth Paltrow can’t do her own makeup.
  28. beauty marks
    Miss Piggy Will Front a Line of MAC Cosmetics; Kate Hudson’s Gone BrunettePlus, Salma Hayek thinks Botox is creepy, but she hasn’t ruled it out.
  29. reasons to keep your face mobile
    Botox Could Make You FlabbySo much for those Pilates classes.
  30. beauty marks
    Botox Approved to Treat Migraines; Latin American Vogue Experiments With Hair PomsAlso, check out Fashion Toast’s new hairstyles.
  31. beauty marks
    Mary-Kate Olsen’s Brows Go Bushy; Drew Barrymore Renounces Plastic SurgeryAlso, 10 million plastic-surgery procedures were performed last year.
  32. beauty marks
    Snooki Spray-Tans Unsuspecting New Yorkers; Ke$ha Goes Out Without MakeupAnd Tom Ford’s new lipstick line comes out June 1.
  33. beauty marks
    Brad Pitt Too Bored to Shave; Tanning Tax in Effect by JulyAnd Kelly Osbourne’s hair is purple.
  34. beauty marks
    Latisse Signs Claire Danes; Dries Van Noten’s Simple, Clean FacesAnd a teenager in England started getting Botox at the age of 15.
  35. beauty marks
    Beauty World Alerted to Botox Ingredient Used for Terrorism; Veronicas to Front Flirt! FragranceAnd let’s talk about Drew Barrymore’s hair at the SAG Awards.
  36. beauty marks
    Catherine Zeta-Jones Is on Team Scrunchie; Medical Spas Offer Delivery ServiceAnd Julia Roberts on her changing beauty regime.
  37. beauty marks
    Halle Berry Releases Second Fragrance; New Bras Feature Milk Proteins and Claim to Hydrate SkinAnd Ellis Faas’s makeup line launches at Bergdorf Goodman this weekend.
  38. beauty marks
    Health-Care Bill Includes Taxing Cosmetic Surgeries; Zac Efron Reveals Hair SecretsPlus, a ‘Twilight’ star had to wear a wig after a bad bleaching experience.
  39. beauty marks
    50 Cent’s Missing Stomach Tattoo; Kate Hudson Appreciates BotoxAlso, a doctor came up with some weird new skin treatment called Dracula Therapy.
  40. beauty marks
    Senate Considers Taxing Botox and Lipo; Cadillac to Launch a FragranceAlso, Diane Kruger makes cheap hair accessories chic.
  41. beauty marks
    Cassie Etches Design on Her Half-Shaved Head; Iraq’s Rising Plastic-Surgery TrendsAnd Jessica Szohr wore plum and copper eye shadow last night.
  42. beauty marks
    Aaron De Mey Responsible for Givenchy’s Rhinestone Faces; Botox May Help AcneAnd preview Demi Moore’s new campaign for the fragrance Wanted.
  43. beauty marks
    DIY Botox Kits Hit eBay; Leighton Meester’s Hair Is BlondeAlso, the number of hair transplants for women rose 21 percent from 2000 to 2008.
  44. beauty marks
    Kate Moss Wins an Award; Stila PurchasedAnd mood lipsticks are back. Will the eighties ever die?
  45. beauty marks
    The FDA Might Approve a Major New Botox Competitor; Common Mugs for New Diesel ScentAlso, Julia Roberts has pink streaks in her hair.
  46. beauty marks
    Beyoncé’s Bouffant the New ‘It’ Do; Jenny McCarthy Praises BotoxAlso, Tom Brady uses body lotion every day to protect his hands.
  47. beauty marks
    Researchers Attempt to Decode Nose Receptors; Taraji Henson’s Side Bangs Swing Both WaysAlso, agnès b. makes toothbrushes!
  48. beauty marks
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers Lands Hugo Boss Campaign; L’Oréal Heir Invests $1 Billion in PhotographerPlus, Burger King gets a fragrance, and plastic-surgery patients don’t mind forgoing sex after treatments.
  49. beauty marks
    Botox for Men Is All the Rage; Angelina Jolie Has No Problem Being HotAlso some more poetically named nail colors have arrived.
  50. beauty marks
    Courtney Cox Has a Love-Hate Relationship With BotoxAlso, a new trend is sweeping through shoe boutiques in Paris, and marshmallows are good for hair.
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