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Bottoms Up

  1. bottoms up
    You Can Now Get Drunk on Diet ProseccoThe low-sugar, low-calorie alternative launches soon.
  2. bottoms up
    Taylor Swift’s Favorite Cocktail Is Very CollegeCheers!
  3. bottoms up
    You Think You’re Too Classy to Drink Champagne From a Bong?Think again.
  4. bottom’s up
    Your Yoga Pants Might Be Giving You Butt Acne But we’re getting to the bottom of how to fix it.
  5. duchessess!!!
    Kate Middleton Reportedly Showed More Than Boob on Her VacationSome bottomless photos have emerged in a Danish tabloid.
  6. bottoms up
    American Apparel Debuts Backless Tights (NSFW, Obviously)Dov Charney has added a new pair of tights to his collection. And they’re breezy. But the image is probably NSFW.
  7. bottoms up
    Bare Butts: The New Nipples?John Galliano showed some mighty sheer bottoms at Christian Dior this afternoon.
  8. bottoms up
    Men Now Wearing Tighter Pants to Get Women to Stare at Their PosteriorsMen no longer want the seats of their pants to double as sails. We say: Amen.
  9. bottoms up
    Leslie Stahl to Fête Wine-Inspired Apparel LineHer family created a line of $75 ties with wine imagery on them.
  10. body issues
    Men Can Pad Their Nether Regions, TooA few weeks ago, we told you about “Booty Pop Panties,” the padded underwear that makes your ass look bigger. Well, Regis Philbin found a version for men.