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  1. keanu
    Keanu Reeves Remains the Best Internet BoyfriendWhile filming the new “Bill & Ted” movie, Reeves saw a yard sign that referenced his “You’re breathtaking” meme and left a note on it.
  2. keanu
    Keanu Reeves Thinks Your Undying Ardor for Him Is ‘Wacky’(And also “positively great.”)
  3. boyfriends
    Everything to Know About Jennifer Lawrence’s Fiancé, Cooke MaroneyAll our sources agree, he’s a “great dude.”
  4. characters
    Elaine’s Most Memorable Boyfriends on Seinfeld, RankedFeaturing Hal Kitzmiller, the Wiz, and of course, Bob Cobb.
  5. What If Tweeting at Celebrities Actually Works?There may be a future for the “daddy” tweeters.
  6. advice
    Ask Polly: Is My Boyfriend Bad News?For this week’s answer, we take a trip to Deadwood.
  7. men's fitness
    Is His ‘Boyfriend Muscle’ Out of Shape?A theory of why it gets harder and harder for some guys to be in relationships.
  8. hormones
    Birth-Control Pills May Turn Your 5 Boyfriend Into an 8Do you dare go off?
  9. The Official Shirt of Boyfriends Has Its Own Instagram J.Crew navy gingham.
  10. boyfriends
    James Lowe Wrote a Nice Thing About Dating LordeHere’s to supportive boyfriends.
  11. hot shot
    Andrew Garfield Will Be Emma Stone’s L.L. Bean BoyfriendHe ordered the clothes, he just has to ready the canoe.
  12. priorities
    Study: One Out of Ten Women Prefers Pets to PartnersGoing to the dogs. 
  13. au naturel
    No Chillin’ Without Makeup on for Four Weeks? A new study reveals how long it takes for women to go makeup-free in front of their boyfriends.
  14. quotables
    Taylor Swift: I Do Not Buy Houses to FlirtBut what about Conor?
  15. taxonomy
    How Old Is Too Old for ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Girlfriend’?Plus, a bunch of alternatives.
  16. the aisle
    The Chemistry of LoveDon’t marry a man you met while ovulating.
  17. ask google
    Can I Dump a Guy for Having Gross Foreskin? Ask GoogleLet us Google that for you.