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  1. crime
    Allison Mack Says She Came Up With Idea to Brand NXIVM’s ‘Sex Slaves’To her, a tattoo wasn’t enough.
  2. can you not
    British Surgeon Admits to Branding Patients’ LiversUm.
  3. profiles
    The Best Reason to Start Using Uber AgainPositive, boundary-breaking, irresistible — she may be the only way to get where they need to go.
  4. power
    The Terrifying ‘Self-Help’ Group That Allegedly Brands WomenNXIVM is a cultlike organization whose leader, Keith Raniere, is known as “Vanguard.”
  5. branding
    Trump Is Launching His Own Subscription Box ServiceThe “Big League Box” of Trump merch will set you back $69 per month.
  6. branding
    Melania Trump’s Home Country Named a Brand of Salami After HerSlovenia’s “First Lady” wine is meant to honor the First Lady.
  7. books
    It Doesn’t Matter If Gwyneth Paltrow Is Wrong About EverythingDespite what a new book argues.
  8. reinventions
    Monica Lewinsky: Righteous Good GirlHer reinvention is well timed. By modern standards, Monica is downright prude.