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  1. it's science
    French Guy Says We’re All Set Without BrasAnd the French get Frencher.
  2. boobs or lose
    Finally, a $200 Dryer for Padded Bras Is Here!We thought this day would never come!
  3. bralitics
    Victoria’s Secret Petitioned for Mastectomy ‘Survivor’ BrasMovement leaders will march on the company’s New York headquarters today.
  4. slash jobs
    Side Gigs Start Rolling In for Girls Costume Designer Jenn RogienShe’s working for Aerie now.
  5. cut chat room
    Working Out in a Strapless Push-Up Bra: Insane?A discussion of Amanda Bynes’s spin-class attire.
  6. daily male
    Men’s Underthings Are Becoming More Like BrasWith adjustable straps and cups and everything!
  7. look of the day
    We’re seeing triple.Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman, and Erin Heatherton redefine short at a VS product launch.
  8. boobs or lose
    Does the World Have a Bra Problem?And if so, whose fault is it?
  9. boobs or lose
    Guess What the ‘Smart Memory Bra’ Does?It pushes boobs up as women get aroused. Some fancy body-heat foam technology.
  10. bra police
    Victoria’s Secret Bras May Contain Formaldehyde, Cause BlistersA class-action suit against the bra giant could be brewing.
  11. run through
    Cheaper Bras Are More Satisfying Than Expensive OnesThe next time you head to Target to shop its latest Go line, don’t forget to hit up the bra department.
  12. run through
    Scary Spice’s Breasts Earn $1M for Ultimo Bra AdSpice’s real name might end in “B,” but her cup size sure doesn’t. Mel B. and her 34DD bust will star in the next Ultimo Bra campaign. A disturbingly literal pairing, isn’t it?
  13. loose threads
    6267 Gets Official at Ferré ‘Playboy’ Outsources Women’s GearFerré gets some new daddys, Michael Kors enjoys a Dolly Parton–themed American Idol, and the price of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s favorite Dior bag is revealed.
  14. loose threads
    Tom Ford Spreads; High Fashion Excludes Big BreastsTom Ford heads to Asia for retail, Stella McCartney heads to India for fashion and tigers, and Mary J. Blige heads to Long Island for a concert and lawsuit.
  15. retail therapy
    Bra-llelujah! Spanx Bras Hide Back FatHave Spanx done wonderful things for your bum? Well, they must do wonderful things for boobs, too, because their new bras are flying off the racks.