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  1. drama
    Watch the First Footage From Vanderpump Rules Season 5Season five arrives on November 7.
  2. kiss kiss
    Jennifer Lawrence Talks Smoking Weed, Kissing Liam Hemsworth on WWHLHate to be a gossip, but did you hear Jennifer Lawrence kissed Liam Hemsworth?
  3. quotables
    Camille Paglia Is a Real Housewives Superfan“I watch virtually nothing else on TV.”
  4. first looks
    Q&A: Chris March Talks Halloween Wigs for TargetHe wears them around the house, so you know they’re good. 
  5. r.i.p.
    Stylist Annabel Tollman Has DiedA tribute to her life and work.
  6. the twilight zoe
    Bravo Green-lights More Rachel Zoe ProjectSeason five is on the way.
  7. daily male
    Bravo Has a New Male Model Reality Show in the WorksIt’ll be produced by Adam DiVello, of The Hills and The City.
  8. bravo bravo
    Bravo to Debut Another Fashion Reality ShowWe needed more of these.
  9. wonderful news
    André Leon Talley Gets His Own Reality Show on BravoA new pinnacle of reality TV.
  10. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe Knocks A Brad, Brad WorldGood thing negotiations are underway for a fifth season of her own show.
  11. the braddest of them all
    The Best of It’s a Brad, Brad WorldThere’s so much to choose from.
  12. skyler's the limit
    Brad Goreski’s Baby Gifts“I sent an Hermès tower.”
  13. days of our brad
    Brad Goreski Lands Kate Spade Stylist ContractHe’ll be their exclusive brand stylist for the next two years.
  14. days of our brad
    Brad Goreski Doesn’t ‘Have Any Problems’ With Rachel ZoeNow the star of his own show, he says he’s flummoxed by how she’s reacted to his departure from her company.
  15. team brad
    See a Trailer for It’s a Brad Brad World, Premiering January 2A major point of drama: transforming Brad’s backyard into a “Greek island” for a party.
  16. the march of the sequins
    Chris March Talks Halloween, Dressing Lady Gaga, and MoreAlso, see how he turns one piece of sequined fabric into four different looks.
  17. the ultimate collection?
    The Fashion Show Recap: How Many Designers Does It Take to Get a Real Housewife to Put Her Boobs Away?More than one, that’s for sure.
  18. the ultimate collection?
    The Fashion Show Recap: In Which One Man Attempts to Sacrifice Himself So That a More Deserving Candidate Can Enjoy Further Reality-Television HumiliationThere goes Crazy Calvin again.
  19. the ultimate collection?
    The Fashion Show Recap: Finally, a Vagina Dress That Doesn’t Literally Resemble a VaginaThis was a high-fashion attempt of the concept.
  20. the ultimate collection?
    The Fashion Show Recap: Naming a House ‘Emerald Syx’ Is an Automatic CurseThe season premiere produces a slew of bad dresses and bad wordplay.
  21. the ultimate collection?
    Why The Fashion Show’s Second Season Is Much Better Than the FirstFor one, Iman is downright terrifying.
  22. march on
    Chris March Is Getting His Own Bravo ShowMaybe Christian Siriano is overexposed.
  23. Harper’s Bazaar’s Laura Brown to Judge The Fashion Show With Isaac Mizrahi and ImanAlongside Iman and Isaac Mizrahi.
  24. the twilight zoe
    The Rachel Zoe Project Recap: Rachel Gets to Go to the Met Ball!Of course she chooses to wear mustard-yellow velvet.
  25. the twilight zoe
    The Rachel Zoe Project Recap: Rachel Zoe Is Not Afraid of Getting FatShe doesn’t want to be pregnant for other reasons.
  26. the twilight zoe
    The Rachel Zoe Project Recap: Dresses Disappear Every DayMilan Fashion Week fails to live up to Rachel’s Oscars expectations, but Kate Hudson distracts nicely.
  27. the twilight zoe
    The Rachel Zoe Project Recap: Why Have a Baby When You Can Have a QVC Line?Rachel’s family and husband are dying for her to have a kid, but she is obviously not.
  28. the twilight zoe
    Has Reality TV Made Rachel Zoe More High-Fashion?She just landed a gig for ‘Love’ magazine, which is rare for such a commercial force.
  29. q&a
    Taylor Jacobson on Life Post–Rachel Zoe, Doing a Spinoff, and Career AdviceEight months after leaving Zoe, she’s styling celebrities, magazine shoots, and Nickelodeon promos.
  30. tastemakers
    Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn Will Weather Summer in Tie-dye Leather ShortsThe gallerist and ‘Work of Art’ judge discusses her enviable wardrobe.
  31. look of the day
    Fitness Guru Jackie Warner Isn’t Afraid to Show Her Natural Hair ColorShe’s skipped a salon visit (or three).
  32. party lines
    Iman Doesn’t Need to Prepare for Her New Gig on The Fashion ShowBecause … she’s Iman, not Kelly Rowland.
  33. ins and outs
    Iman Boots Kelly Rowland Off The Fashion ShowPoor Kelly!
  34. when kell freezes over
    Bravo Undecided on a Second Season of Kell on Earth, But Kelly Doesn’t Need Them AnywayShe has other new TV projects in the works.
  35. catchphrase queens
    Apparently Christian Siriano’s Bravo Show Is Just a One-Hour SpecialDidn’t he make it sound like it would be a series?
  36. things that need to happen
    Fashion’s Night Out to Become Reality-TV Show?If there is a God.
  37. cult of personality
    Kell on Earth Preview: Things Break, Kelly Gets UpsetWatch clips from Kelly Cutrone’s new Bravo show, premiering tonight.
  38. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone on Not Wearing Makeup, Sex and the City, and Interns“The Bravo shot of me on the couch? It looks like I had sex with Heather Locklear and five margaritas.”
  39. party lines
    Stipe & Cutrone at Smith & Sebring’s OpeningGet ready to see her get fired. Oh, and models prancing around.
  40. disco heaven
    Lady Gaga to Appear on Launch My LineIf you haven’t watched and can remember this come January, maybe you will tune in!
  41. cult of personality
    Kelly Cutrone Drumming Up Excitement for Her Bravo Show by Cursing on Fox NewsThe taped action on Bravo begins February 1.
  42. obviousness
    Project Runway’s Ratings Dipped on LifetimeSurprise, surprise.
  43. oh no she didn't
    Taylor Jacobson Is Leaving Rachel Zoe!Oh no!
  44. party chat
    Christian Siriano’s Reality Show Will Be Like the Valentino MovieAlso, his fall line will be “gothic.”
  45. party lines
    Marc Jacobs Won’t Completely Rule Out Doing a Reality ShowIf he does do one, he just wants it to be “really different” than all the others.
  46. party lines
    Bravo ‘Desperate’ for Marc Jacobs to Do a Reality ShowWell, aren’t we all?
  47. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe May Finally Have Found a Way to Manage StressSee our recap of the season finale of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project.’
  48. Christian Siriano to Bring Trannies to BravoHe says the last thing he needs is too many gays.
  49. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe Has Vertigo and Poor Office-Management SkillsRelive the drama of last night’s ‘Rachel Zoe Project’ in our recap.
  50. the twilight zoe
    Nausea Brings Team Zoe Together AgainOur recap of last night’s episode of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ lies within.
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