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Breast Cancer

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    Sarah Ferguson Underwent Breast-Cancer SurgeryThe Duchess of York was diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer during a routine mammogram.
  2. breast cancer
    Katie Couric Opens Up About Breast-Cancer DiagnosisIn a new essay, Couric encourages her audience to get regular mammograms.
  3. scent memories
    Taylor Hill Loves the Smell of Laundry DetergentThe Ralph Lauren fragrance ambassador on her favorite scents, including one that helps in the fight against cancer.
  4. obituary
    Kelly Preston Dies at 57 After Struggle With Breast CancerThe ‘Jerry Maguire’ actress was married to John Travolta for 28 years.
  5. risk
    It Hardly Ever Happens But Sometimes It DoesOur new national pastime is calculating relative risk.
  6. beauty interviews
    Elizabeth Hurley Looks Back on 23 Years of Raising Breast Cancer AwarenessThe longtime face of Estée Lauder has a closet full of pink dresses.
  7. science of us
    It Took Me Decades to Get the Breasts I WantedWhat was I waiting for?
  8. women’s health
    Women Struggling With Infertility Have an Increased Risk of Premature DeathA new study found an association between fertility issues and mortality.
  9. wellness theories
    This Supermodel Says Watching the News Keeps Her Emotionally Healthy“You realize that there are really terrible things happening sometimes and it makes you feel grateful for what you have.”
  10. breast cancer awareness
    9 Beauty Products That Support Breast-Cancer CharitiesFrom BeautyBlender to Stila.
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    Breast-Cancer Deaths Have Dropped by Nearly 40 Percent, According to a StudyBut it is still the most common cancer diagnosed in women.
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    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has Been Diagnosed With Breast CancerThe Veep star shared the news on social media.
  13. Having a Glass of Wine Each Day Could Increase Your Breast Cancer RiskA new study linked 10 grams of alcohol per day to heightened breast cancer risk.
  14. GOP Senator Apologizes After Mocking Breast-Cancer Screening Coverage“I sure don’t want my mammogram benefits taken away.”
  15. Breast-Cancer Death Rates in the U.S. Have Dropped by 42 PercentIt’s likely because of advancements in detection and treatment.
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    New at-Home Device Might Make Breast Reconstruction Easier for WomenThe small, inflatable pouch allows women to gradually stretch their breast tissue and make room for an implant.
  17. New Report Finds Women’s Cancer Deaths Will Increase by 60 Percent in 2030The American Cancer Society’s report looks at the global burden of cancer.
  18. srsly?
    Facebook Removes Animated Breast-Cancer Video for Being OffensiveThe nipple is still not free.
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    Your Birth-Control Coverage Could Get Way Better in 2018Doctors are recommending some big changes.
  20. get well soon
    Janice Dickinson Has Early-Stage Breast CancerThe former model has an early form of breast cancer called ductal carcinoma in situ, or DCIS.
  21. the perfect bra
    Soon Your Bra Could Detect Breast CancerFinally! A bra that can save lives!
  22. The Psychology of ‘Unnecessary’ MastectomiesMany women know it makes little medical sense. That’s almost beside the point.
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    Senator Claire McCaskill Shares Her Breast-Cancer Diagnosis on TumblrWishing you a speedy recovery, hip senator.
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    Should All Women Get Tested for the Breast Cancer Gene?It’s not a crystal ball.
  25. decisions
    Are We Overtreating Stage 0 Breast Cancer?A new study suggests that aggressively fighting it doesn’t improve survival rates for most women.
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    Rita Wilson Reveals She Had a Double MastectomyShe was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
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    Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn Have Mother-Daughter Pink StreaksFor a good cause.
  28. truth
    Avoiding the Breast Cancer ‘Warrior’ Trap Let’s get real: Cancer doesn’t make you stronger.
  29. thanks for the mammaries
    Artist Turns Breast Cancer Into Cause for Humorous, Boob–Themed Art Show“It became clear that it would help other people if I approached it with some kind of humor.”
  30. boobs or lose
    School Wants to Take ‘Boobies’ Bracelet Fight to Supreme CourtBreast Cancer Awareness Month has gone too far.
  31. recommended reading
    Read Twelve Female Authors on BoobsHappy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
  32. competing causes
    How Breast Cancer Won the Battle for OctoberAnd domestic violence got pink-washed away.
  33. making the breast of it
    Angelina Jolie’s Breast-Cancer Surgeon, RevealedDr. Kristi Funk treated Sheryl Crow, too.
  34. the rules for passing judgment
    Etheridge Says Angelina Isn’t ‘Brave’: The Etiquette of Passing JudgmentWhen celebrities criticize each other, there are rules.
  35. timeline
    Everything Angelina Did During Her SurgeriesRed carpets, business ventures, and a refugee camp on three continents.
  36. as told to
    I Had the Angelina Jolie Mastectomy Surgery“I kept thinking, I have to get rid of my breasts. Why sit around and wait for cancer to happen?”
  37. survivors
    Angelina Jolie’s ‘Nipple Delay’ Procedure, ExplainedHow normal was Jolie’s double mastectomy? Doctors discuss.
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    Angelina Jolie: Breasts Don’t Define FemininityMastectomy “in no way diminishes my femininity.”
  39. love and war
    Angelina Jolie Had a Double MastectomyAnd she wrote a New York Times op-ed about the experience.
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    Victoria’s Secret Petitioned for Mastectomy ‘Survivor’ BrasMovement leaders will march on the company’s New York headquarters today.
  41. young adults
    Get Well Soon, Judy BlumeThe author of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret has been privately battling breast cancer. 
  42. adventures in sex
    Sex and the Single Breast Cancer PatientIn chemotherapy and wearing a wig at 28, I channeled my anger into sex.
  43. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: Her Husband Wanted to Date MenTen years, three kids, and a second marriage later, Aaron and Sarah are back in touch.