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Breast Feeding

  1. video
    World’s Strongest Woman Casually Pole Dances While Breast-feedingThose core muscles though.
  2. motherhood
    I Could Really Have Used a Drink After Having a BabyBut is that even allowed?
  3. mother knows best
    Tattooed Mom Allowed to Nurse Baby After AllTurns out the judge who banned a recently tattooed woman from breast-feeding her baby based his decision on “feelings” and some Google searches.
  4. motherhood
    Does My Baby Only Like Me for My Boobs?After a year of breast-feeding, we’re about to find out.
  5. motherhood
    What Happens When Breast Milk Goes Big-Business?Are corporations scamming poor moms, or helping them?
  6. cut chat room
    How Do We Feel About Olivia Wilde Breast-feeding in Glamour?The Cut discusses.
  7. mother’s day
    Q&A: The Women Behind BreastmilkRicki Lake, Abby Epstein, and Dana Ben-Ari talk filmmaking and feminism.
  8. good taste
    Picky Eaters Can Blame Their Moms, Science SaysTheir food preferences developed in utero and during infancy.
  9. incentives
    U.K. Now Paying Mothers to BreastfeedBribery via shopping vouchers. 
  10. magazines
    Have You Seen Naked Breast-feeding Vogue Model Mom?Dutch Vogue references earth mamas, Vermeer.
  11. save daughter of the sun
    Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom, Husband Speak Out“Looking at this issue from a planetary level … “
  12. great debates
    Is Breast-feeding in a Swimming Pool Okay?Woman ejected from public pool fights back.
  13. meet the new meme
    Have You Seen ‘Naked Breast-feeding Yoga Mom’?She’s a yoga meme.
  14. pregnant princesses!!
    8 Mommy Trends That Kate Middleton Might TryFrom hypnobirthing to baby birding, rated on a scale of likelihood.
  15. broadminded
    Milk Culture: Rise of the Breast-feeding ObsessedOur great, inadequate, and creepy quest to promote the breast.
  16. formula none
    Hospitals Conspiring to Make Women Breast-feedGovernment urges them to stop “tempting” new moms with easy-way-out formula samples.