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Breast Milk Sharing

  1. boob tales
    The Internet Discovers a Strange Breastfeeding StoryIn a now-unpublished story, Globe and Mail writer Leah McLaren claims she once tried to breastfeed a politician’s baby without permission.
  2. beverages
    Grown-ups Still Buying Lots of Breast Milk OnlineThe thirst for “liquid gold” continues.
  3. men who take the term man-child literally
    Bodybuilders Still Guzzling Human Boob MilkABC discovers, reports, and judges.
  4. drink up
    Meet the Men Who Drink Breast Milk“It gives me incredible energy I don’t get from other food and drinks,” says one.
  5. breast laid plans
    Watch Out for Tainted Breast MilkIt’s everywhere online.
  6. quotables
    Alicia Silverstone Launched a Breast Milk Share ServiceA call for “clean, mean, glorious breast milk.”