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Breast Milk

  1. hmmm
    The Next ‘It’ Milk Is … Breast Milk?KJ Apa puts it in his coffee, and it sounds as if he’s not the only fan.
  2. global health
    Trump Administration Opposes Major Breastfeeding ResolutionThe U.S. blocked a worldwide breastfeeding resolution, shocking World Health officials.
  3. new mom
    What No One Tells You About Not Being Able to BreastfeedWe’re told that every woman who tries hard enough can do it, but that’s far from accurate.
  4. feel the burn
    Thinx Founder Gave Away Her Breast Milk at Burning Man to Make LattesThe most Burning Man thing to happen at Burning Man.
  5. motherhood
    Whitney Port Does Not Like BreastfeedingThe new mom says it feels like someone is slicing her nipples with glass.
  6. bearing children
    Pumping Breast Milk Just Got a Little Bit More SeriousAfter a tragedy, the CDC released new and more extensive guidelines for cleaning pump parts.
  7. boob tales
    The Internet Discovers a Strange Breastfeeding StoryIn a now-unpublished story, Globe and Mail writer Leah McLaren claims she once tried to breastfeed a politician’s baby without permission.
  8. 22 Women on What Breastfeeding Actually Feels LikeFrom how nursing is like peeing, to what being bitten feels like, to sexual side effects.
  9. breast milk
    Why This U.S. Company Can No Longer Import Human Breast Milk From CambodiaAmbrosia Labs paid Cambodian women for their breast milk, then sold it to American families.
  10. liquid gold
    Mom Donates 18 Gallons of Breast Milk After Her Son Died at 11 Days OldThat’s more than her body weight.
  11. How Long Can You Keep Frozen Breast Milk?A few months? A year or more?
  12. breast-feeding
    Sure, Why Not Wear Jewelry Made From Breast Milk? Stranger things have happened.
  13. motherhood
    TSA Confiscates Highly Threatening Substance: Rose Byrne’s Breast MilkStars — they’re just like us!
  14. beverages
    Grown-ups Still Buying Lots of Breast Milk OnlineThe thirst for “liquid gold” continues.
  15. motherhood
    What Happens When Breast Milk Goes Big-Business?Are corporations scamming poor moms, or helping them?
  16. men who take the term man-child literally
    Bodybuilders Still Guzzling Human Boob MilkABC discovers, reports, and judges.
  17. drink up
    Meet the Men Who Drink Breast Milk“It gives me incredible energy I don’t get from other food and drinks,” says one.
  18. mother’s day
    Q&A: The Women Behind BreastmilkRicki Lake, Abby Epstein, and Dana Ben-Ari talk filmmaking and feminism.
  19. quotables
    Alicia Silverstone Launched a Breast Milk Share ServiceA call for “clean, mean, glorious breast milk.”