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Breast Pumping

  1. party lines
    Amber Tamblyn on Leaving Her Movie Premiere to Pump Breast Milk“I’m wearing this gorgeous Stella McCartney suit, but then I have this Medela bag full of ice chips.”
  2. breast milk
    Why This U.S. Company Can No Longer Import Human Breast Milk From CambodiaAmbrosia Labs paid Cambodian women for their breast milk, then sold it to American families.
  3. Olivia Wilde Calls Out Breast-Pump Ad for Using a Model Instead of a New Mom“This lady definitely did not recently birth a child who requires breastmilk to be pumped.”
  4. working mothers
    Tidal Sued for Allegedly Firing a New Mom Over Breast-PumpingShe says they asked her if she could just use the bathroom to pump.