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  1. sexism
    Vice Reporter Slammed for Sexist Breitbart EmailsMitchell Sunderland is a senior staff writer for Broadly, Vice’s women’s channel.
  2. palace intrigue
    Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Says He Can Have Ivanka ‘Out by End of Year’According to reports, the editor thought he was emailing with Steve Bannon.
  3. palace intrigue
    As Steve Bannon Returns, Breitbart Launches New Attacks Against IvankaNew stories on the site recall Bannon’s threats to go “nuclear” on the First Daughter.
  4. conspiracy theories
    A Breitbart Editor Has a Conspiracy Theory About J.Law’s Vogue CoverIt has to do with the Statue of Liberty.
  5. advertising
    Fashion Brands May Have No Idea They’re Advertising on BreitbartThough a new Twitter account is trying to get them to pull their ads.
  6. Billy Bush Might Be Getting a Job at Terrifying ‘Alt-Right’ News Site BreitbartA reversal of fortunes.