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Breonna Taylor

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    87 People Charged With Felonies After Breonna Taylor ProtestMeanwhile, the officers who killed her have yet to be charged with any crime.
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    Breonna Taylor Was Shot and Killed by Police in Her Own HomeYet none of the officers involved in her killing have been arrested, and only one has been fired.
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    When Will Black Women See Justice?One-hundred and one days after Breonna Taylor’s murder, none of the cops who shot her have been arrested.
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    ‘She’ll Be Saving Lives Forever’Louisville passed “Breonna’s Law” three months after police barreled into Breonna Taylor’s house and killed her.
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    Five Women Have Accused Cop In Breonna Taylor’s Case Of Sexual MisconductThe sexual assault and harassment accusations against Brett Hankison are being investigated by the Louisville police department.
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    The Officers Who Killed Breonna Taylor Still Haven’t Been ArrestedThe three cops who shot Taylor eight times in her own home haven’t even lost their jobs.
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    A Mother’s Birthday Tribute to Breonna Taylor“It’s hard to breathe without her.”
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    Scenes from Police Brutality Protests Around the WorldIn cities across the globe, people gathered in solidarity with U.S. protesters demanding an end to racist law enforcement.
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    A Weekend of Widespread Police AggressionViral footage shows officers shooting rubber bullets and pepper-spraying protesters.
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    Brooklyn’s Protest Amid a PandemicThousands of people came out to demand justice for George Floyd.