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  1. harry styles
    Harry Styles Has Some Thoughts on BrexitAnd he’s happy to share them.
  2. politics
    The Woman Known as ‘Brexit-Wrecker’ Has Suffered Months of Online AbuseGina Miller won a court battle that could change the way Brexit is carried out.
  3. fear of a trump presidency
    This Is the Reason People Are Wearing Safety Pins After the ElectionA small but potent gesture.
  4. sly fox
    Coach Creative Director Subtly Roasts Brexit, Donald Trump“I hope America continues to open its doors to outsiders like me.”
  5. money in the bank
    Serena Williams’s Wimbledon Prize Is About $380,000 Less, Thanks to BrexitBlame it on the lowered value of the pound.
  6. Teen Photog Brooklyn Beckham Shoots for BurberryHow far he’s come.
  7. writing
    Lindsay Lohan Is Writing a Book About ‘How to Overcome Obstacles’“I hope that my words will connect with those who need some guidance when [or] if they are in a tough place.”
  8. Here Is a Long-Awaited Statement From Rita OraFinally.
  9. brexit signs
    British Fashion Designers Are Not Happy About BrexitIt could have some drawbacks for the country’s fashion industry.