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British Royal Family

  1. royals
    Why Is Everyone Freaking Out Over Kate Middleton’s Fingers?Her fingers became a Twitter moment.
  2. royals
    Is Meghan Markle in the Royal Family Group Chat Yet?Apparently the royals use WhatsApp to coordinate events.
  3. hotshot
    Business As Usual for the RoyalsThe Firm had a diplomatic parley with Mr. Paddington Bear.
  4. the royals
    Princess Diana’s Secret Tapes and Her Celebrity SavvyTwenty years after her death, new documentaries show how she learned to control her narrative.
  5. royal baby the sequel
    The Royal Family Is As Instabasic As You AreThe only cute-baby Instagram account you ever need to follow.
  6. regrets
    Kate Middleton Deeply Regrets a Color SchemeA haunting “unexpected purple tinge.” 
  7. princesses!!!
    Kate Middleton to Become Real Author Published in a Real Book Princess, writer, multi-hyphenate.