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  1. celebrity
    Finally, a Celebrity With a Reasonable Opinion on MoneyDaniel Craig does not believe in perpetuating generational wealth.
  2. whodunnit
    Uh-Oh, Bean DramaWho is terrorizing this British town with baked beans?
  3. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Hannah Weiland, the Designer Behind British It-Brand ShrimpsPilates, Earl Grey tea, and lots of fur coats.
  4. beauty passport
    How Kate Middleton and Kate Moss Affect British Beauty Culture“There’s definitely no other European influence in terms of beauty. Who is more iconic in the world than Kate Moss and Kate Middleton?”
  5. tasteful nudes
    British People Are Buying More Nude LipsticksThanks to Kim Kardashian. 
  6. run through
    Real, Live British Folk Will Work at the New York TopshopThe British are coming, and they’re working in the New York Topshop! They might drive some iconic London double-deckers around, too, in case you need a ride to the new store.
  7. run through
    Kitson Stays True to Victoria Beckham’s Denim LineEarlier this week ‘News of the World’ reported Victoria Beckham’s dVb denim line would be discontinued at L.A. boutique Kitson. But something didn’t seem right about that.