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  1. culture
    Britney Spears Blessed The Catholic School Uniform…Baby One More Time’s most iconic look changed how I felt about what I wore everyday as a teen.
  2. that's hot
    Paris Hilton Says Lindsay Lohan ‘Party-Crashed’ Her CarOne of the most iconic images of 2006 is a mere illusion.
  3. my little pony
    5 Ponytails to Dress Up As This HalloweenWhether you want to look sexy, scary, or just plain hairy.
  4. fragrance
    A Short List of Names for Britney Spears’s Next PerfumeInspired by her brand-new fragrance, Prerogative.
  5. she did it again
    See This New Fashion Campaign Starring Britney SpearsWearing denim-on-denim, of course.
  6. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: A Photo of Britney Spears Holding Voltaire’s CandideDid Britney pick up a copy of Candide while in Maui? Did she bring it with her for the trip? Did she finish it? Would she recommend it to a friend?
  7. myspace
    Here’s DeMario Jackson Giving Britney Spears His Myspace Info in 2008“DeMario Jackson. That’s my URL — Myspace.”
  8. it's britney bitch
    The Arrival of Britney Spears Has Thrown Israel Into Total ChaosA Spears–Netanyahu feud could even be brewing.
  9. it's complicated
    25 Women on Being FamousZadie Smith, Adele, J.K. Rowling, and more on what it’s really like in the spotlight.
  10. britneyisms
    26 Beautifully Inane Things Britney Spears Revealed in 2016She hates computers and loves rice.
  11. pranks
    You Won’t Be Able to Stop Watching This Video of Britney Spears Being PrankedAs always, love your work, Britney.
  12. Britney Spears Leaps Majestically Through the AirToday in flying celebrities.
  13. dance class
    How Can We Sign Up for Britney Spears’s Dance Class?Some lucky kids got her as a teacher this weekend.
  14. love and war
    A Man Once Turned Down Britney Spears After an Awful DateBecause stars are just like us, right?
  15. forgettable
    Nope, Britney Spears Doesn’t Remember Her First VMAs PerformanceWait, was it with NSYNC?
  16. Was It Cruel of MTV to Make Britney Follow Beyoncé?She is the toughest act to follow.
  17. red carpet derby
    The 13 Best, Worst, and Most Feathery Looks on the 2016 VMAs Red CarpetFrom huge feathered shoulder extensions to evening waist-trainers and maternity body harnesses, this red carpet had it all.
  18. don't call it a comeback
    Britney Spears: MTV VMAs Are ‘Nerve-Wracking’Quick, someone hand her a snake.
  19. i don't know her
    Britney Spears Can’t Recall Ever Meeting a ‘Taylor Swift’“I’ve never met her before.”
  20. they're just like us
    Even Pop Stars Force Themselves to Work Out After Eating Cheesecake FactoryJust a regular Saturday.
  21. Britney Spears Was Once a Fan Asking for a PhotoAnd this comedian didn’t even recognize her.
  22. summer of britney
    Let Britney Spears Show You How to Kick Off Summer 2016Just displacing water in a pool. Ya know.
  23. interview
    Britney Spears Tells Us About Her GameAn exclusive Q&A with the pop star. 
  24. if you seek hillary
    Photo Evidence Suggests Britney Spears Is Not a Bernie BroLike a fine wine, Britney’s political views have matured with age.
  25. historical landmarks
    RIP, Kitson, Temple of the 2000s FamewhoreA place for paparazzi photos, trucker hats, and Paris Hilton.
  26. three's a trend
    Hot New Trend Alert: MermaidsBritney Spears and North West agree.
  27. space jam
    A Brief History of Pop Stars in SpaceSinging into that final frontier
  28. red carpet
    Cutouts Abounded at the Billboard Music AwardsIncluding bedazzled jumpsuits, belly-button-revealing gowns, and plenty of Balmain.
  29. it's vintage
    The 24 Most Horrifying, Bedazzled Trendlets of the Early AughtsWhiskered denim, Franken-Timbs, and dangerous bedazzling. 
  30. A Definitive Ranking of All of Britney Spears’s 16 FragrancesFrom Fantasy to Midnight Fantasy to Island Fantasy. 
  31. cozy
    Britney Spears Time Traveled From 1998 for This Photo ShootA cozy, cool time-traveler. 
  32. paparazzi pits club
    16 Famous, Glorious Women With Armpit HairMadonna, Kathleen Hanna — even Beyoncé! 
  33. adventures in sex
    14 Weird, Costumed Halloween Hookup StoriesSerial killers and pregnant Britney: the unsexy costumes that still got us laid.
  34. the dedicated
    Forget Liposuction: I Tried Fat-Melting TechnologiesIt was weird.
  35. hair transformations
    Area-Mom Britney Spears Gets Mom-HaircutWhile promoting panties. 
  36. aspirations
    Britney Spears Will Bombard Kate Middleton With UndergarmentsShe reportedly said the word splendid.
  37. the hit list
    19 Glorious Moments From the End of New York Fashion WeekIt went out with a bang.
  38. new york fugging city
    The Fugs: Meet Britney Spears, Lingerie DesignerShe dressed in a grown-up version of her “Oops! … I Did It Again” video.
  39. jean genies
    Katy Perry and Riff Raff’s Hilarious, Awkward Denim HomageTheir VMAs look doesn’t quite live up to the original.
  40. i trust this celebrity to sell this item
    Expert Lingerie-Wearer Britney Spears Will Sell You Underwear NowThe Intimate Collection by Britney Spears.
  41. end of an era
    RIP, Juicy Tracksuits, Famewhore Uniform of the 2000sCelebutantes and “It” girls immortalized this nadir in American leisurewear. But it’s a new era.
  42. it's vintage
    From Beads to Plastic: 50 Celebrities in ChokersFrom Beyoncé to Princess Diana.
  43. america!
    France Bans Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears From Daytime TVAnd ScarJo says that Parisians are being rude to her.
  44. backstage
    Britney Handles a Wardrobe Malfunction Like a Clothes-Wearing ChampionI’ll give you a piece of me, said her backside. 
  45. bedtime stories
    Britney Spears Goes to Bed at 9:30 to Stay Out of TroubleThe early Britney gets the worm.
  46. look book
    Happy Birthday, Britney Spears!See the pop star’s best looks, from “…Baby One More Time” to “Work Bitch.”
  47. embarrassing dads
    Britney Spears’s Dad Ran a Background Check on Her BoyfriendGiving protective fathers ideas. 
  48. the scent of celebrity
    Which of Her 13 Perfumes Is Britney Spears Singing About?“I put on my perfume, yeah / I want it all over you/ I gotta mark my territory.”
  49. unlikely musicals
    The Story of Jesus According to Britney: A MusicalYou want a life of salvation? You wanna party in France? You better pray, bitch.
  50. it's britney bitch
    Britney Spears Thought Her ‘Work Bitch’ Video Was Too Sexy“I am a mother.”
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