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    What We Learned From the New Brittany Murphy DocumentaryThe murky details surrounding Murphy’s death all point to her husband, who died five months after from similarly mysterious causes.
  2. spooky
    Brittany Murphy’s Ghost Crashed Taryn Manning’s DJ SetThe ghost of Brittany Murphy has a very busy schedule.
  3. you don’t understand this is an alaia
    GMA Reporter Talks to Reunited Clueless Cast Oh, Christian.
  4. beauty marks
    Sarah Jessica Parker Wants to Make Fragrance That Smells Like B.O.; Remembering Brittany Murphy’s Best Beauty LooksAlso, ‘Glamour’ likes Kim Kardashian’s hair.
  5. new york fugging city
    OMG, Someone New: Perrey Reeves at Monique Lhullier>Monique Lhuillier’s show is traditionally jam-packed with pretty young things in the market for pretty new things to wear, and Tuesday’s show was true to form. In addition to reliable old Sophia Bush, who seems to be losing her voice after her week of nonstop yapping, we spotted Entourage’s Perrey Reeves — a new face, thank goodness!
  6. run through
    Alas, There’s No Polling Station in the Tents
  7. new york fugging city
    Max Azria Draws Out Brittany Murphy’s Lifetime of HurtWe may have borne inadvertent witness to a catharsis of sorts for twig-size actress Brittany Murphy. At Monday evening’s Max Azria show, we caught sight of Murphy — the first celebrity to wander out from backstage after photographers waited for about 40 minutes — refusing an interview with one gossip-magazine reporter by placing her hand gently on the girl’s arm and intoning, “Not for that magazine. Your magazine HURT. MY. LIFE.”