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    Judge in Brock Turner Sexual-Assault Case Cleared of MisconductJudge Aaron Persky was facing scrutiny for sentencing an ex-Stanford swimmer convicted of sexual assault to only six months in jail.
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    The Stanford Sexual-Assault Victim Wrote Another Open Letter, and It’s PowerfulShe was named one of Glamour’s “Women of the Year.”
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    Brock Turner Officially Registers As a Sex OffenderHis mother shielded him from the press while he filled out paperwork.
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    This Rape Bill Will Close the Loophole That Let Brock Turner Off So EasilyBrock Turner will be released from jail this Friday.
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    Brock Turner Is Scheduled to Be Released From Jail This WeekAfter being convicted of three counts of sexual assault, the Stanford swimmer is set to be released from jail on Friday.
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    Stanford Takes Down Sexist Webpage About Alcohol and Sexual AssaultHow was this still up in 2016?
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    Stanford’s Solution to Campus Rape Is Banning Hard Liquor From PartiesThe school calls this “a targeted approach that limits high-risk behavior.”
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    Judge Who Sentenced Brock Turner Recused Himself From Another Sex-Crimes CaseJudge Aaron Persky recused himself from his first sex-crimes case following his sentencing of Brock Turner.
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    New Transcripts Released From Brock Turner CaseThese ones reveal the invasive questions the sexual assault victim faced in court.
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    Brock Turner Has to Undergo Drug CounselingHe’ll also have to register as a sex offender for life.
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    Stanford Case Inspires New Sexual-Assault BillThe proposed legislation would make the punishment for sexually assaulting an unconscious person the same as sexually assaulting a conscious person.
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    Report: Brock Turner Creeped Out Members of the Stanford Women’s Swim TeamAn anonymous source says he was known for making lewd comments. 
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    Stanford Rape Victim’s Words Read on House Floor“Emily Doe is a survivor in every sense of the word, and her words deserve to be amplified.”
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    Judge in Stanford Sexual-Assault Case Removed From New Sex-Crimes CaseCalifornia prosecutors got the judge removed from another sexual-assault case.
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    Brock Turner Juror Pens Angry Letter to Judge“I am afraid that it makes a mockery of the whole trial and the ability of the justice system to protect victims of assault and rape.”
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    Stanford Sexual-Assault Victim’s Letter Will Be Read Aloud to CongressThe special order is being led by California Representative Jackie Speier.
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    Brock Turner Is Serving an Even Shorter Sentence Than You Initially Thought Turner was sentenced to a six-month stint in prison after being convicted of sexual assault, but he is serving even less time.
  18. The Judge in the Brock Turner Case Is Receiving Death ThreatsThe sheriff’s office has increased security at the courthouse.
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    Why the Stanford Sexual-Assault Victim Wants to Remain Anonymous After an unprecedented amount of public interest in the case, she released another statement.  
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    Here Is Brock Turner’s Statement to the JudgeHe blamed his sexual-assault conviction on alcohol and college “party culture.”
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    ‘Heroes’ Who Rescued Stanford Assault Victim Speak Out for the First TimeThe two Swedish Ph.D. students found Turner assaulting the victim and held him down. 
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    Brock Turner Judge Has Controversial HistoryJudge Aaron Persky presided over a 2011 case involving the gang rape of an unconscious teenager.
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    Why Brock Turner Wasn’t Technically Convicted of RapeA look at the legal terminology in the Turner case.
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    Why Brock Turner Got 6 Months in Rape CaseLegal experts Michelle Anderson and Gloria Allred weigh in.
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    Brock Turner Mug Shot Finally Released [Updated]Neither the Stanford Department of Public Safety nor the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Department would agree to release it — until now.
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    CNN Anchor Reads Letter From Victim of Stanford Assault Live on AirAshleigh Banfield dedicated the entirety of Monday’s Legal View to discussing the Stanford swimmer assault case.
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    Stanford Victim’s Powerful Letter to Her Rapist“To girls everywhere, I am with you.”
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    Brock Turner’s Dad Pens Letter in Son’s DefenseHe calls the assault “20 minutes of action.”
  29. Stanford Swimmer Brock Allen Turner SentencedBecause jail would have a ‘severe impact on him.’