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Brooks Brothers

  1. style wars
    Young Republicans Love to Dress Like Your Worst Preppy NightmareTheir favorite brands include Tory Burch, Brooks Brothers, and Walmart.
  2. out of the box
    School of Visual Arts’ Students Have It Their Way With a Box of Designer ClothesPhotography students interpret some of the season’s most interesting designs.
  3. what to expect when you’re expecting fashion
    Today at Fashion Week: A Likely Beckham-Brood SightingEverything you need to know about what’s happening.
  4. breakups
    Thom Browne and Brooks Brothers Have Consciously UncoupledPlease, a moment of silence for bare-ankled men everywhere.
  5. suit up
    Zac Posen Got a Dapper New GigHe’s the new women’s creative director of Brooks Brothers.
  6. best bets
    Best Bet: Brooks Brothers’ Navy Leather GlovesFor the Hepburn in all of us. 
  7. sea to shining sea
    Made in America: 18 National Treasures to TryFrom classic to extra-special items, all made on our shores, for a better feeling while buying.
  8. daily male
    Max Greenfield Denied a Tom Ford Tuxedo During Awards SeasonBelated Emmy’s Dispatch!
  9. friends in high places
    About Those Sweaty-Looking Suits in GatsbyBrooks Brothers made them.
  10. So, About Marc Jacobs’s White Boxer ShortsSince we all got to see them last night.
  11. quotables
    ‘An Unpopped Collar Is Like an Unloved Woman: a Tragedy’Thanks, New York Times.
  12. go green
    Kermit Got His First New Tuxedo Since 1979“I don’t often wear clothes, but when I do I want something classic,” he says.
  13. trendlet
    Slideshow: 33 Equestrian-Chic FindsYee-haw for riding boots, saddle bags, and expertly tailored jackets.
  14. trendlet
    Slideshow: 30 Cozy Collegiate CardigansThe best bets for guys and girls from Billy Reid, Sonia Rykiel, the Brooklyn Circus, and more.
  15. smart like phones
    It keeps you odor-free, too!The age of “smart” fabrics is upon us.
  16. loose threads
    Mario Grauso Sits Front Row at Vera Wang; Audrey Tautou on American FashionAlso, a male model appeared to be wearing fake breasts in the Elise Overland show.
  17. daily male
    Everything You Need to Know About Stephen Colbert’s Camo SuitThe custom-made ensemble designed by Brooks Brothers.
  18. video look book
    The Bedford Taco-Truck Owner Who Wears ‘Child Molester-y’ ShadesCheck him out — with his girlfriend! — in our latest Video Look Book.
  19. recession store-ies
    A Fifth Avenue Topshop May Be on the HorizonWe don’t think we’re ready.
  20. run through
    Is Thom Browne’s Brooks Brothers Deal Over?According to the rumor mill, Thom Browne’s Brooks Brother’s deal is coming to an end, and Bergdorf Goodman is still selling his suits from 2006.