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  1. personal finance
    Is ‘Scarcity Brain’ Making You Broke?Maybe. But here’s what you can do about it.
  2. personal finance
    ‘I Earn More Than My Husband, But I Don’t Want to Pay More of Our Bills’You can share household expenses in lots of ways, and you don’t have to choose just one.
  3. personal finance
    Your Post-Vacation Guide to Cleaning Up Your FinancesExperts share their best money advice for getting back on track.
  4. personal finance
    ‘I’m So in Debt That I’m Afraid to Date’You’re not undateable — you’re just afraid to talk about money. There’s a way to fix that.
  5. personal finance
    ‘I Splurged All of My 20s, And Now I’m in Debt. Can I Fix This?’You can’t just flip a switch. Instead, look for your next actionable step.
  6. personal finance
    ‘My Flight Got Canceled. What Now?’Getting stranded at the airport is a special kind of hell. Here are eight pointers that can help.
  7. personal finance
    ‘My Roommates Never Pay Rent on Time. What Do I Do?’Ask them to sign a roommate agreement. And think about moving.
  8. my two cents
    What If You Already Have ‘Enough’ Money?Author Manisha Thakor questions the relationship between money, time, and happiness.
  9. my two cents
    ‘What Happens If I Just Never Pay My Credit-Card Bill?’No one would endorse this plan. But you do have some options.
  10. my two cents
    ‘My Friend Stays With Us All the Time. Can We Charge Rent?’It’s fair to ask her to repay you somehow. But this will be a delicate conversation.
  11. my two cents
    ‘I Got Into a Big Fight With a Friend About Money. What Now?’Actually, this fight was a good thing. To make repairs, ask questions and listen.
  12. my two cents
    How to Save Money on Summer TravelIt’s expensive out there! But you can still take a trip without paying for it for the rest of the year.
  13. my two cents
    ‘I’m a Recovering Addict. Will I Ever Recover, Financially?’There’s a world of people ready to help you. Lean on them!
  14. my two cents
    What Is ‘Cash Stuffing,’ and Should You Try It?Budgeting with cash — also known as the envelope method — is trendy again. Here’s how to make it work for you.
  15. my two cents
    ‘I Think My Mom Is Getting Scammed’Her new friend might be harmless. But you won’t know unless you have some serious conversations about her finances.
  16. my two cents
    ‘How Do I Get Better at Money Without Overhauling My Life?’Your money should serve your life, not the other way around.
  17. my two cents
    ‘My Elderly Parents Refuse to Make a Will’Be respectful. A lot of people — especially older ones — hate talking about things they don’t understand.
  18. my two cents
    Erika Kullberg Reads the Fine PrintFrom broke law student to 20 million followers and a bank account to match.
  19. my two cents
    ‘My Parents Would Be Horrified’What happens when you overspend on buy-now, pay-later platforms.
  20. my two cents
    How to Survive a LayoffEven if you don’t see it coming.
  21. my two cents
    ‘I Got $300,000 in a Personal Injury Settlement. What Do I Do With It?’Find a financial planner you trust, and ignore everyone else.
  22. my two cents
    What If Spending Money Felt … Good?Ramit Sethi wants you to stop feeling bad about your finances.
  23. my two cents
    ‘How Can I Afford to Pay $8,000 for Bachelorette Parties?’Remember, this period in your life is finite.
  24. my two cents
    ‘I’m 8 Months Pregnant and I Just Got Laid Off’Rally your support system. This is what it’s for.
  25. my two cents
    Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Get a PrenupAdvice from a prenup expert who thinks most couples should steer clear.
  26. my two cents
    ‘Do I Need to Pay My Husband Back for My Medical Bills?’You don’t owe him money. But you do need to acknowledge that you made some mistakes.
  27. my two cents
    ‘What Happens If I Just Don’t Pay My Taxes?’It’s bad, but not THAT bad.
  28. my two cents
    The Only (Sort of) Fun Thing About TaxesYes, you can write those drinks off your taxes! (Sometimes.)
  29. my two cents
    ‘I Inherited Millions From My Mother, and Everyone Knows’Most people probably aren’t thinking about your money — they just want to be there for you as you grieve.
  30. my two cents
    ‘My Boyfriend Sucks at Gifts’It’s time to bring this up with him more directly. But remember — gifts are supposed to be fun.
  31. money talks
    The Matchmaker Who Doesn’t (Always) Work With Millionaires“I want to work with all sorts of people, not just wealthy ones.”
  32. money talks
    ‘People Can Do Everything Right and Still Be Broke‘Dasha Kennedy creates safe spaces for women left behind by traditional financial advice.
  33. my two cents
    ‘Saving Money Is Ruining My Social Life’Don’t lecture your friends on their finances. If they want to change, they will.
  34. my two cents
    ‘Do I Need to Attend All of My Boyfriend’s Friends’ Weddings?’Start by examining your priorities.
  35. my two cents
    ‘Why Am I So Bad With Money?’Forget the big picture. You need to take small concrete steps.
  36. my two cents
    How to Deal With ‘Inflation Creep’The sneaky, maddening phenomenon of not being able to afford your life anymore.
  37. my two cents
    A Late Person’s Guide to Being on TimeBecause running late gets expensive.
  38. my two cents
    Is a ‘Money Diet’ As Terrible As It Sounds?Here’s how to cut back on spending without depriving yourself.
  39. my two cents
    What to Do About That Credit-Card DebtA four-step plan for getting rid of your holiday-debt hangover.
  40. my two cents
    ‘How Do I Get Through the Holidays When I’m Already Broke?’You can still enjoy yourself! You just need a plan.
  41. my two cents
    How Can I Offer My Brother Money Without Insulting Him?Be honest and clear, and make sure he feels heard.
  42. my two cents
    How to Buy the Best Gifts With Less Money and TimeIt’s simple: Ask people what they want.
  43. my two cents
    ‘Do I Need to Buy Gifts for My Boyfriend’s Family?’Not necessarily, but it’s a good idea to rethink your gifting plans in general.
  44. money talks
    What It Takes to Run a Day-Care Center“I’m absolutely exhausted. I don’t know anyone who works in child care who isn’t.”
  45. money talks
    ‘I Regret Letting My Dad Pay for My Wedding’Talking with a bride-to-be who wishes she’d never cashed the check.
  46. my two cents
    ‘Do I Need to Pay for My New Stepkids’ Stuff?’They shouldn’t feel like an obligation. Here’s how to be supportive in a way that feels fair.
  47. my two cents
    ‘Should I Sell My House and Move Back to New York?’It’s time to step back and research your options before you make another move.
  48. my two cents
    ‘What’s the Best Way to Split Expenses With My Partner?’Now that you’ve figured out which costs to share, it’s time to find a budgeting system that works for both of you.
  49. my two cents
    ‘I’m a New Parent and Our Finances Are a Mess’You need a loose, forgiving plan that helps you feel more in control.
  50. money talks
    3 Women on How Much It Cost to Get Married in 2022“My sense of money got so warped that it stopped being real to me.”
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