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  1. interview
    ‘Like Seeing a Ghost’: Wasted, 15 Years LaterTalking to Marya Hornbacher about her still-controversial eating-disorder memoir.
  2. body issues
    Bulimia Comes Out of the ClosetA handful of women are starting a conversation that challenges the usual stereotypes and shame of bulimia.
  3. food fighting
    The Women Who Dated Men With Eating DisordersStand by your man, but what if he’s anorexic?
  4. forced confessions
    Katie Couric and Demi Lovato Bond Over BulimiaKatie’s couch is emerging as the top spot for stars to explain their food issues. 
  5. reclaiming things
    Cat Marnell Reclaiming Bulimia Now“It’s part of being a woman.”