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  1. lifestyles of lindsay lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Wore a Burkini to the BeachThe Burkini was invented in 2004 as sportswear that would allow Muslim women to uphold Islamic modesty traditions.
  2. This Teen Wore a Hijab and Burkini During Miss Minnesota USA PageantHalima Aden wore a hijab and burkini.
  3. first person
    My Algerian Girlfriend Changed the Way I See the Burkini BanCaught between two extremes.
  4. controversies
    French Mayors Still Enforcing Burkini BanThe ban against burkinis was ruled illegal in one resort town near Nice, but that isn’t stopping other towns from continuing the ban.
  5. precedents
    France’s Burkini Bans Are Officially IllegalIt’s a legal precedent for all women in the country.
  6. Many More People Have Bought the Burkini Since the Controversy in France BeganThe inventor of the swimsuit says she’s seen a 200 percent rise in online sales.
  7. controversies
    Police Forced a Woman to Remove Her Clothing on the Beach Due to Burkini BanFifteen towns have now banned the full-body swimsuit.
  8. controversies
    France Burkini Bans Get Prime Minister’s SupportHe’s backing mayors who recently outlawed the full-body swimsuit.