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  1. we’ve been duped
    As We Suspected, the Justin Bieber Sideways-Burrito Photo Was a Huge ScamThe man in the picture is a Bieber look-alike named Brad Sousa.
  2. investigations
    Does Justin Bieber Really Eat Burritos Sideways? An Investigation.A photograph of a Bieber-esque individual eating a burrito very incorrectly has taken Twitter by storm — but is it even Justin?
  3. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: Ally Hilfiger’s Burrito Breakdown on Rich GirlsShe’s not sure what kind of beans to get, or what kind of cheese goes on nachos. She ends up staring at a row of salsas for a million years.
  4. experiments
    My Week With Passive Exercise: Losing Weight Without Working Out?Weighted sneakers, ab belts, seaweed wraps, and more.