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But Is It Art?

  1. art in public
    100 Women Posed Nude to Protest the RNCSpencer Tunick photographed 100 women for “Everything She Says Means Everything.”
  2. but is it art?
    Kanye Styled Kim in Lingerie at a ChâteauAs part of a shoot with Juergen Teller for System magazine.
  3. but is it art?
    Museums Ban Selfie Sticks From Their Stately Venues of Enlightened GazingThe Guggenheim, the Frick, and the MoMA kibosh the smart-phone extender. 
  4. but is it art?
    André 3000’s Jumpsuits Get the Museum TreatmentDuring Art Basel.
  5. Alex Prager Did a Disembodied-Heads Fashion ShootFor Garage magazine.
  6. but is it art?
    Jeff Koons Is Turning H&M Into an Art MuseumHe’s taking over their midtown store in July.
  7. but is it art?
    Statue of Underdressed Man Terrorizes Wellesley CollegeArt in its underwear causes a campus mini-scandal.
  8. but is it art?
    Art From 400 Years Ago Still Shocking ViewersAs human civilization continues forth, our eyes regress.
  9. but is it art?
    Photos: Wander Into a Crazy, Life-Size Barbie Dreamhouse“It was this giant pink wasteland in the middle of East Berlin.”
  10. but is it art?
    This Photographer Puts Herself in the SceneElle Muliarchyk took designer Chadwick Bell’s spring collection to the desert.
  11. but is it art?
    Lauder Donates Reported $1 Billion Worth of Picasso and Braque Works to the MetAnd Léger and Gris.
  12. but is it art?
    Stock Photography, Updated for the Art SetThe editors behind DIS Magazine take on the boring world of stock photography.
  13. but is it art?
    Damien Hirst’s Backpacks for the Row Are Selling FastThey’re $55,000 each.
  14. but is it art?
    H&M to Erect Its Own Versions of DavidAs in, David Beckham.
  15. but is it art?
    See Every Visionaire Issue Stuffed Into One TrunkNot just any old trunk, of course.
  16. quotables
    Valerie Steele on ‘Queer Style’ ExhibitIt’s slated to open next year.