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C Sections

  1. childbirth
    My C-section Was Fine, ActuallyI came away feeling cheated not because I’d had one but because I’d been made to feel so bad about it.
  2. september issues
    Beyoncé Opens Up About Her Difficult Pregnancy and Emergency C-Section“My health and my babies’ health were in danger.”
  3. nightmares
    Pregnant Woman Allegedly Forced to Endure C-Section Without AnesthesiaDelphina Mota said she was “crying and screaming at the top of her lungs” and “could feel everything that was happening.”
  4. new mom
    Everything to Know About Having a C-Section Versus Vaginal BirthNeither method of giving birth is objectively “better” than the other.
  5. rebirth
    This Time, I’m Not Afraid to Give BirthBut getting here involved — involves — a lot of second-guessing.
  6. playing god
    Here’s Why C-sections Could Be Changing the Course of EvolutionBefore C-sections, women with narrow pelvises wouldn’t have had babies.
  7. Here’s Another Way Midwives Make C-sections Less LikelyVaginal birth after Caesarean: It’s an option!
  8. Your Vaginal Bacteria Is Good For Something!Swabbing newborns may support health later.
  9. babies
    You Probably Won’t Have an Oversize BabySo think twice about that planned C-section.