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  1. coffee
    Happy National Coffee Day to Those Who CelebrateHere are a few more reasons to rationalize your coffee habit today.
  2. Hey, Coffee Lovers: Here’s Some Great News About Caffeine and HealthDrink up.
  3. How to Time Your Coffee for Maximum EffectivenessGet the most out of a caffeine boost.
  4. swellness
    Please Don’t Make Me Try Maca Ever AgainPeople swear it’s a good coffee substitute. People are crazy.
  5. Here’s How to Undo a Caffeine ToleranceIf you want a little more buzz with your coffee, you’re going to have to suffer first.
  6. Does Iced Coffee Work?Some cold, hard caffeine truths for some very hot days.
  7. caffeine
    Anna Wintour Is Never Not Drinking CoffeeVenti for Anna.
  8. in this together
    Study: Both Parents’ Coffee Habits Linked to MiscarriageMen, this means you, too.
  9. the shakes
    10 Things That Probably Didn’t Need to Be CaffeinatedFor those who hate coffee but love hot sauce.
  10. sleep
    How to Stay Awake This Afternoon and Actually Get Some Work Done for OnceMore coffee is not necessarily the answer. 
  11. it’s not easy being green
    A Guide to Matcha, the New Green Drink of Privilege A new fancy way to be smugly healthy. 
  12. caffeine
    The Best Time to Drink Your Coffee Is Probably Not When You’re Drinking ItResearch suggests waiting till after 9 a.m.
  13. How Much Coffee Would It Take to Kill You?A ridiculous amount.