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  1. culture
    Let’s Talk About Tilda Swinton’s French Dispatch CaftanA shapeless but somehow unspeakably glamorous garment.
  2. the revolution will wear a caftan
    We Found Your Summer-Caftan Look#DressLikeaWoman.
  3. look of the day
    Kim Kardashian Wore a Magnificent RobeFloor-length.
  4. caftans
    Samantha Bee on Being 46 and Not Caring What Anyone ThinksBreak out your beach caftan.
  5. style tips
    More Men Should Consider Wearing a Casual CaftanA sexy style tip from Empire.
  6. papal fashion
    Pope Francis Is Our Normcore PopeIs the pope stylish or do we just love robes?
  7. A Comfy Caftan for Laid-back Summer DaysShort but roomy. 
  8. look of the day
    Heidi Klum Wore a Glorious CaftanA true role model. 
  9. it’s summer!
    Everything You Need for a Day at the Beach, Minus the SuitYour beach look could always be sharper.
  10. best bets
    A Simple Striped Dress Made for the WeekendCall it a caftan-in-training.
  11. show me the muumuu
    Jeffrey Tambor Is a Fan of His Character’s Caftans“I, Jeffrey Tambor, have such a horrible body image, it is such a pleasure that Maura delights in [her] wardrobe.”
  12. Look Book: The Caftan-Loving Hairstylist“I’ve always had this really flowy bohemian style.”
  13. show me the muumuu
    All the Caftans Jeffrey Tambor Wears on TransparentYou’re welcome.
  14. trend piece explosion
    Jared Leto Could Be Wearing a Lena Dunham–Designed Caftan at This Very MomentA trend trifecta.
  15. mysteries
    Who Is That Mystery Guest at Kimye’s Wedding? Hint: He’s wearing a dinner caftan.
  16. look of the day
    Madonna Continues to Avoid the Sun in IbizaNo tans here.
  17. How to Get Your Body Caftan-Ready for SummerA realistic regimen.