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  1. uh oh
    Caitlyn Jenner Is Joining Fox NewsSteel yourself.
  2. ouch!
    Lady Gaga Doesn’t Want to Get Coffee With Caitlyn Jenner“I’ve switched baristas.”
  3. champagne problems
    Caitlyn Jenner Thwarted by Dress CodeJenner was allegedly denied service because of her ripped jeans.
  4. trans rights
    Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Trans Girls Shouldn’t Compete in Girls’ SportsThe former Olympic athlete, who is running for California governor as a Republican, called the issue “a question of fairness.”
  5. kontinuity errors
    Can You Keep Up With This Kardashian Bracket?I hope to be forgiven for pitting a minor and a dead person against one another.
  6. keeping up with the kontinuity errors
    The Best Day of Khloé Kardashian’s Life Took Place in ClevelandThis week’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians recap.
  7. life of kylie
    Kylie Jenner Ponders Life, Death, and ButterfliesThis week’s Life of Kylie recap.
  8. life of kylie
    Kylie Jenner Indulges in a Fame-Free Farm Fantasy While Being FilmedOn this week’s Life of Kylie, our star has a real-estate agent pull droppings from nature off of her Yeezys.
  9. keeping up with the kontinuity errors
    Not Every Kardashian Able to Read Caitlyn Jenner’s Book DidThis week’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians recap.
  10. baby names
    ‘Caitlyn’ Is Now a Less Popular Name Than ‘Khaleesi’The annual Social Security report showed “Caitlyn” plummeting in popularity.
  11. This Season’s Iconic Keeping Up With the Kardashians Scene Was Shot on iPhonesThis week’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians recap.
  12. keeping up with the kontinuity errors
    Kim Kardashian Didn’t Come Over Just to Stare at a CakeShe needs to show Khloé her “ex-box,” which contains at least two chicken-related items.
  13. caitlyn jenner
    Caitlyn Jenner Confirms She’s Had Her ‘Final’ Sex-Reassignment SurgeryShe appeared on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer Friday night.
  14. transgender rights
    Caitlyn Jenner Calls Out Donald Trump in Message for Trans Youth“I have a message for the trans kids of America. You are winning.”
  15. inauguration 2017
    At Least One Celebrity Will Attend Trump’s InaugurationFinally, somebody RSVP’d.
  16. cait cake
    Caitlyn Jenner’s New M.A.C Collection Drops This WeekPreview the 14-piece lineup.
  17. gallery
    See Laverne Cox and More Trans Activists in This New DocumentaryPortraits from The Trans List by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.
  18. keeping up with the kontinuity errors
    Kris Jenner Doesn’t Want Her Kids to Be NeutralThis week’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians recap.
  19. kim kardashian robbery
    Caitlyn Jenner Learns a Lesson About Social Media After Kim Kardashian’s RobberyHer two social media posts since the robbery have had differing responses.
  20. campaign trail
    Caitlyn Jenner Stars in New H&M Campaign VideoJenner speaks about her transition during the “For Every Victory” spot.
  21. Caitlyn Jenner’s Modest Proposal: Ban Republican Representatives From BathroomsShe pointed out that more Republican state representatives than trans people have been arrested for “lewd behavior” in bathrooms.
  22. crime
    Gang Member Gets Life in Prison for Killing Trans GirlfriendCaitlyn Jenner mentioned Mercedes Williamson in her ESPY speech.
  23. Huh, Caitlyn Jenner Thinks Donald Trump Is ‘Very Much for Women’She also said he could be an advocate for the LGBT community.
  24. covergirls
    Caitlyn Jenner Returns to Sports IllustratedShe appears to be the first transgender athlete to appear on a Sports Illustrated cover.
  25. coming this summer
    Caitlyn Jenner Will Reportedly Pose Naked for SIWith her 1976 gold medal.
  26. video
    Caitlyn Jenner Filmed Herself Using Donald Trump’s Bathroom“Ted: Nobody got molested.”
  27. transgender rights
    Caitlyn Jenner: Ted Cruz Should Think About Trans Kids in Restrooms“The issue isn’t about men being in women’s restrooms, okay?”
  28. The Caitlyn Jenner Look BookSee her quick rise to fashion fame.
  29. call me caitlyn
    Caitlyn Jenner’s First Makeup Collaboration Is HereSurprise! The rumors about a M.A.C partnership were true. 
  30. Kris Jenner Got Catty About Caitlyn on Fashion PoliceShe’s actually just jealous.
  31. right wing
    Caitlyn Jenner Reports It’s Not Easy Being a Conservative Republican “I have gotten more flak for being a Republican than I have for being trans.”
  32. guaranteed bestsellers
    Caitlyn Jenner’s Memoir Is on the WayComing spring 2017.
  33. pass the mic
    Caitlyn Jenner Wants to Host the Golden Globes Step aside, Gervais.
  34. auld lang syne
    16 Magic, Dizzying Fashion Moments From 2015From Alber to Zoolander.
  35. video
    Caitlyn Jenner Has a Message on Transgender Remembrance Day“Listen to trans people’s stories, hire a trans person in your company, support a trans student in your school, love your trans child.”
  36. Rose McGowan Slams Caitlyn Jenner, Then Apologizes, Sort Of“Woman of the year? Not by a fucking shot,” she wrote.
  37. World’s Worst Man Returns Wife’s Glamour AwardHe’s protesting Caitlyn Jenner.
  38. party pics
    Caitlyn Jenner and FKA Twigs Partied This WeekPlus: Ryan Gosling, Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and more from this week’s roundup. 
  39. recaps
    See the Red-Carpet Looks From Glamour’s Women of the Year AwardsAll the best red-carpet moments, from Caitlin Jenner to Brooklyn Beckham.
  40. love and war
    Inside Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards Jared Leto’s hair was in attendance, not awarded.
  41. Caitlyn Jenner Is a Glamour Woman of the YearWith Reese Witherspoon as cover star.
  42. Will Glamour Name Caitlyn Jenner Woman of the Year?The tabloids seem to think so.
  43. caitlyn jenner
    Caitlyn Jenner’s Name-Change Is Official-OfficialA California judge approved her request to legally change her name and gender.
  44. look of the day
    Caitlyn Jenner Got High Fives in a Blue DressShe looked that good. 
  45. caitlyn jenner
    Caitlyn Jenner Is Warming Up to Same-Sex Marriage“If that word marriage is really, really that important to you, I can go with it.”
  46. Halloween Pop-Up to Carry Caitlyn Jenner CostumeThey see nothing wrong with this.
  47. look of the day
    Caitlyn Jenner Wore Custom Versace to the ESPYsShe appealed to the fashion police: “Please be kind to me.”
  48. squads
    Meet Caitlyn Jenner’s Super-SquadJenner has surrounded herself with influential LGBT activists and allies. 
  49. caitlyn jenner
    Caitlyn Jenner to Tackle LGBT Issues in New Editorial Series“This is the first in a series of editorials where I will discuss the serious issues and lessons that I am learning through this process.”
  50. gender
    In Praise of Caitlyn Jenner’s Femme StyleShe’s been the toast of the paparazzi this week, and it’s glorious.
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