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  1. culture
    A New Zine Explores the Sexy Side of CakeCake Zine considers the connection between baking and erotica.
  2. this girl is on fire
    Nicole Richie Takes Birthday Drama to New HeightsBehold this breathtaking piece of performance art.
  3. extremely online
    Everything Is Cake NowA viral video showing people cutting into household items to reveal they are in fact cake has many people questioning their grip on reality.
  4. let them eat cake!
    A Christian School Allegedly Expelled a Student Over Her Rainbow Birthday CakeKimberly Alford says her 15-year-old daughter was “dismissed” over a photo of her blowing out candles on her rainbow birthday cake.
  5. whoops
    So That’s Why You Don’t Fly With a Suitcase Full of Cake MixAbout the “huge drugs bust” at Gatwick Airport this week…
  6. metaphysics
    Let Her Eat (Half a) CakeA Texas Walmart banned a woman for eating half a cake in the store, and then refusing to pay the full price.
  7. hot shot
    Behold, Jonathan Cheban With a Cake of His FaceJonathan Cheban was spotted with a cake shaped like a human head (his own).
  8. lawsuits
    Baker Who Refused Cake to Gay Couple Is Still Refusing CakesJack Phillips is suing the state of Colorado for being sanctioned after discriminating against a transgender woman.
  9. over easy
    Is This Cake Worthy of My Dog?Baking for the love of my life.
  10. culture
    Did a Malevolent Witch Make Duchess Camilla’s Birthday Cake?What was the motivation behind these dried carrot fingers?
  11. let bey eat cake
    Here’s How Much Beyoncé’s Birthday Cake Cost (Hint: It’s a Lot)It cost at least $3,500.
  12. swellness
    Of Course This CrossFit Couple’s Wedding Cake Was PaleoThey got married at Saturday’s CrossFit Games.
  13. cooking with chris hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth’s Biceps Baked His Daughter a Birthday CakeThey’re naturals in the kitchen.
  14. pride rock
    Not Even Cake Is Free From Drake’s InfluenceEverything the light touches is Drake’s kingdom.
  15. wonder soup
    Macarons for All: Introducing the Marie Antoinette DietIntroducing “wonder soup.” 
  16. Bill Cunningham’s Birthday Cake Iced With LouboutinsHappy 84th.
  17. gagapalooza
    Lady Gaga Had Her Cake, Ate It, and Then Rolled Around in the Leftover FrostingNeedless to say, Terry Richardson filmed it all.
  18. quotables
    Karlie Kloss Has Her Cake and Eats It, TooGood for her.
  19. cake?
    Alber Elbaz Had a Much Better Birthday This Year Than Last YearKim Hastreiter was the D.J.!