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  1. nice things
    I Think This Demented Cake Is BeautifulA perfect little smiley face smiling up at you.
  2. horrifying baked goods
    Prepare to Be Unnerved by These Ghoulish CakesA recent British cake show is haunting my nightmares.
  3. notable desserts
    This $95 ‘I Am Divorcing You’ Cake Seems Like a Good InvestmentLet the cake do the talking.
  4. This New Glossier Product Makes My Lips Smell Like FunfettiCake, cake, cake.
  5. How to Make a Really Pretty Cake: Use a BlowtorchTastes as good as it looks.
  6. are we human or are we cupcake
    Turning Into a Cupcake Is Not As Cute As It SoundsOne day you’re eating a cupcake, the next, you’re a monster.
  7. Male Gaze: James Middleton, Marshmallow KingBehold, Boomf.
  8. cara the cake
    Someone Made a Cake Sculpture of Cara Delevingne’s HeadIt’s amazing, horrifying, and eyebrow-heavy.
  9. quotables
    Dries Van Noten: Fashion Design Is Like BakingAnd who doesn’t like cake?