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  1. science of us
    Are Calories Pointless?Fish calories are different than donut calories, and now maybe someone will explain why.
  2. bedroom workouts
    How Many Calories Does Sex Burn?Even Khloé Kardashian wants to know.
  3. insult to injury
    Being Tired Could Be Making You Eat MorePeople who got about four hours of sleep ate a lot more the next day.
  4. hunger games
    You’ll Be Hungry No Matter How Much You Eat, Says Bleak StudyHunger doesn’t care that you had a bar full of protein, fiber, and unicorn dust.
  5. fake sugar
    Here’s Proof That Diet Soda Can Make You HungrierCool it with the Splenda.
  6. charts
    Male Food Privilege in Two ChartsIt never ends.
  7. food fights
    Kind Bars Got the FDA to Admit the Term ‘Healthy’ Is Basically a JokeOne small win for nuts.
  8. nope
    Health Experts Want to Shame You by Putting Exercise Labels on FoodDo you really want to know how many miles you’d have to run to burn off that cookie?
  9. bad math
    Counting Calories Is a Messed-Up Way to Think About FoodIt doesn’t lead to long-term weight loss, and it destroys healthy attitudes about eating.
  10. physical comedy
    Study: Eat Less Because You’re a Bad MomIf it were 1965, you could have 200 more calories. But it’s not! SO DROP THAT SNACK, MODERN MOTHER.