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  1. the swift pr machine
    Calvin Harris Finally Speaks Out About Taylor Swift BreakupIt’s time.
  2. is it corny
    Oh God, Calvin Harris Is Actually Pretty Good NowIt’s time to accept him into our hearts and playlists.
  3. Katy Perry and Calvin Harris Are Releasing a Song Together; Taylor Swift Is FineTaylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend and archenemy are planning a duet.
  4. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Seeking Catharsis in Breakup Songs About Hiddleston, Calvin HarrisSometimes it’s hard to “Shake It Off.”
  5. bad blood
    Calvin Harris’s New Music Video Seems Very Unchill Toward Taylor SwiftSo much for being friends.
  6. this is what you came for
    Watch Taylor Swift Perform Her Only Live Show in 2016“I’ve never played this song live before.”
  7. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift Have Been ‘Texting,’ Because All Wars EndThey’ve reportedly buried the hatchet.
  8. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris’s New Song Is About a Grocery Store, Not Taylor SwiftThe greatest mystery of our time has been solved.
  9. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris Reminds Everyone That Taylor Swift Broke Up With Him, TooHe talked to British GQ about it.
  10. today in DJs
    Calvin Harris Wishes His Manager Happy Birthday With a Dick PicWhat a time.
  11. in da club
    Calvin Harris Doesn’t Have a Care in the World Right NowThe DJ has been spotted living it up with other newly single celebs.
  12. birthday bashes
    Kim K., Calvin Harris Celebrate J.Lo’s BirthdayLopez’s weekend birthday bash unexpectedly brought together Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris.
  13. the dj calvin harris
    Calvin Harris and Tinashe Caught by PaparazziThere they are!
  14. where's the beef?
    Taylor Swift Now Officially Credited on ‘TIWYCF’Nils has been revealed!
  15. one point for the dj calvin harris
    Meanwhile, Calvin Harris Reportedly Has a New GirlfriendIt’s R&B singer Tinashe.
  16. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris Finally Goes Off on Taylor SwiftThis! Is! Drama!
  17. the swift pr machine
    The Craziest Theory About Taylor Swift’s BreakupIt’s all over Calvin Harris’s song “This Is What You Came For.”
  18. men's rights movement
    TMZ Can’t Stop Defending Bad Celebrity MenIs TMZ the official tabloid of the men’s rights movement?
  19. the swift pr machine
    Calvin Harris’s Breakup Song ‘Ole’ Is HereIt’s definitely about someone. 
  20. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris to Release Song About Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, meanwhile, are wearing matching outfits.
  21. the calvin harris breakup tour
    Calvin Harris Poses With Several Human WomenHe says he’s “done” dating celebrities.
  22. the swift pr machine
    Calvin Harris ‘Astonished’ Over Hiddleswift TripPoor guy.
  23. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Consciously Uncouple on Twitter and InstagramWe should all probably follow their lead.
  24. music videos
    Can Calvin Harris Please Just Let Rihanna Out of This Neon Cube?Too. Much. Strobe.
  25. checking in
    Calvin Harris Is All Good All GoodHe told TMZ Taylor is “just doin’ her thing.”
  26. the swift pr machine
    Here’s Why Taylor Swift Let the Paparazzi Catch Her Kissing Tom HiddlestonThose paparazzi shots were no accident.
  27. celebrity relationships
    The Hex Joe Jonas Cast on His Exes Is Finally WorkingTaylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, and Demi Lovato all had breakups last week.
  28. breakups
    Calvin Harris Gets Real About His Split With Taylor Swift “The only truth here is that a relationship came to an end … “
  29. Here Are All the Theories About Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s BreakupThere are many.
  30. another summer of breakups?
    OMG, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Broke Up Get ready for the album, am I right?
  31. dj stuff
    Calvin Harris’s Show Prices Tickets by GenderMen and women will pay vastly different prices for tickets to the same show.
  32. middle school cool
    Taylor Swift, Eternal 8th-Grader, Got a LocketJust like the one your middle-school boyfriend gave you!
  33. caption contest
    Caption This: Fan Interrupts Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s Romantic EveningHe posted a photo of it on Instagram, which you will now caption.
  34. fyi
    Taylor Swift Is Impervious to Global WarmingIt all reminds me of a classic Christmas carol.
  35. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Are Back TogetherMaybe they didn’t ever break up?
  36. expert analysis
    If You Instagram My Cat, Are You Proposing Marriage?Calvin Harris, exactly what are your intentions for our Taylor Swift?
  37. taylor swift excursions
    The Grocery Store: Not a Bad Place for a DateTaylor Swift and Calvin Harris perused a Whole Foods together. 
  38. saving djs
    Flying Person at Miley’s Party Nearly Knocked Out Calvin HarrisThe D.J. was saved by One Direction singer Liam Payne.