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  1. rat kings
    RIP to a Legend(ary Rat)Magawa won a medal for his landmine-sniffing abilities. Please clap.
  2. crime
    These Foreigners Were Arrested for ‘Pornographic’ Dancing in CambodiaThere was a massive police raid at a party.
  3. good deeds
    The Beauty School for Former Sex SlavesThey escaped the brothels of Cambodia; now these young survivors are learning a new trade.
  4. sad things
    Cambodian Politician Urges Nike BoycottProgress.
  5. sad things
    More Mass Faintings Hit Nike Factory in CambodiaThe same place, two days later.
  6. sad things
    Protesting Garment Workers Beaten in CambodiaUgh.
  7. loose threads
    Isabel Marant’s Shoes Cause Frenzy, Knockoffs; Cambodia Apparel Industry SufferingAnd surprise! The most successful models in China are not Chinese.