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  1. celebrity weddings
    All The Famous People At Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wedding, An InvestigationShe didn’t identify any of the celebrities in her Goop.com wedding slideshow, so we did it for you.
  2. l’horreur
    Karl Lagerfeld Is an Honorary Scream QueenThe best moment from last night’s episode.
  3. this is weird
    Cara Delevingne Gets Out-Weirded by Die AntwoordWelcome to the big leagues, Cara.
  4. today in kanye
    A Camera-Shy Kanye West Pops Up in the Latest House of Style EpisodeIn Parisian store Colette.
  5. show and tell
    Video: Billy Reid’s Muse Is ‘An Incredible Hostess’“She would have these incredible, dramatic dresses with flowing volume.”