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  1. election 2016
    There’s No Excuse for Not Registering to Vote Because #OurVoteCountsRegister to vote with the Cut.
  2. the body politic
    Donald Trump and the Long History of White Men Claiming FraudHe is not the first candidate to cry illegitimacy.
  3. campaign 2016
    Rosario Dawson Is Ready to Get Arrested at the Democratic National Convention“I’m about the issues and the people.”
  4. the body politic
    After Orlando, It’s Clearer Than Ever: This Election Is a Civil WarThe battle lines are being drawn.
  5. uggos unite!
    By Trump’s Standards, We’re All ‘Ugly Women’And now it’s time to rise up!
  6. twitter fights
    The Best Insult Donald Trump Can Come Up With for Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Goofy’WEAK.
  7. campaign 2016
    John Kasich to Women: Stay at Home So You Don’t Get Raped“Don’t go to parties where there’s a lot of alcohol.”
  8. start paying attention
    If You Care About Electing Women, Don’t Focus Only on HillaryThere are literally hundreds of other women running for key offices.
  9. video
    Guess Who’s Shouting Just As Loudly As Hillary ClintonAll of her competitors. 
  10. campaign 2016
    Could Hillary Clinton Ever Have Imagined This?The first nominated female candidate against the face of American misogyny.
  11. campus politics
    Why Hillary Clinton Can’t Seem to Win Over Young WomenComments from Clinton surrogates exposed a deep generational divide.
  12. campaign 2016
    Stop Pitting Women Against Each Other Over Hillary ClintonThere’s a special place in hell for Bill Maher.
  13. scully for president
    For Every ‘Yes’ Man at Work, There’s a ‘No’ WomanOne guess as to which job is more fun!
  14. campaign 2016
    In Iowa, Hillary Shows She’s Learned Something About Running While FemaleIt may work for Bernie, but no one likes a woman who yells loudly about revolution.
  15. See Over 20 Years of Dressing to Become the First Female PresidentMore than just pantsuits.
  16. campaign 2016
    The Debate Showed the Democrats at Their BestHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were knowledgeable, funny, and lightyears ahead of their GOP counterparts.
  17. campaign 2016
    The Democrats’ Second Debate Showcased Their WeaknessesThey may be leagues ahead of the Republican candidates, but they still have some serious flaws.
  18. the body politic
    The Bernie Bros vs. the HillarybotsBattling it out on the internet campaign trail.
  19. campaign 2016
    Clinton, Steinem, and ‘Running As a Woman’Will it work this time around?
  20. campaign 2016
    Hillary Clinton Talks Binge-Watching, Halloween Costumes on ColbertShe really is having the best month ever.
  21. the body politic
    It’s Time for Democrats to Stop Freaking Out About 2016The first debate was great for Hillary fans, Sanders supporters, and the entire party.
  22. the body politic
    Wife of Bernie Sanders Suddenly InvisibleA new profile of Jane Sanders omits all of her professional accomplishments.
  23. the body politic
    Stop Treating Young Women Like DumbbellsWhy do conservatives think they can get away with this? 
  24. campaign 2016
    Is Empathy Carly Fiorina’s Favorite Word?She’s using it so much she might wear it out.