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Campus Rape

  1. frats
    Swarthmore’s ‘Rape Attic’ Frat Has Shut Down for GoodAfter student activists staged a four-day sit-in.
  2. campus sexual assault
    Ex-Frat President Accused of Rape Given $400 Fine, No Prison TimeThis is at least the third time the judge has given probation to a man accused of sexually assaulting a Baylor student.
  3. sexual assault
    College Student Accused of Raping Woman After Quoting Donald TrumpHugo Penfold allegedly said “grab her by the pussy” before committing sexual assault.
  4. campus rape
    Michigan State Student Sues School for Allegedly Discouraging Rape ReportThis is the latest in a string of sexual-abuse scandals for the university.
  5. feminisms now
    Vanessa Grigoriadis on the Sexual-Assault Generation Gap Ann Friedman talks to Vanessa Grigoriadis about her new book, and what has (and hasn’t) changed for college women.
  6. politics
    DOE Official Says Most Campus Assault Claims Are Hookups Gone Wrong, Apologizes“[Most] accusations fall into the category of ‘we were both drunk,’ ‘we broke up, and six months later I found myself under a Title IX investigation.”
  7. campus rape
    University of Texas Releases Rape-Survey ResultsFifteen percent of female students at UT Austin have been raped.
  8. campus rape
    Student Suing Columbia After She Says She Was Raped Twice in Her Dorm RoomAmelia Roskin-Frazee’s lawsuit alleges that the university violated Title IX.
  9. campus rape
    A Teen Is Suing the College of Charleston Over Alleged Rape at Frat HouseThe former student says the assault occurred at Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.
  10. campus sexual assault
    Baylor: Head Coach Art Briles Knew About But Didn’t Report Alleged Gang RapeThe university confirmed Art Briles and Ian McCaw knew about the 2013 allegation.
  11. lawsuits
    A Jury Ruled Rolling Stone and UVA Rape Story Reporter Are Liable for DefamationA jury ruled the magazine and Sabrina Erdely acted with “actual malice.”
  12. lawsuits
    The Trial for the Rolling Stone Retracted Rape Story Starts TodayThe trial begins Monday and will include testimony from “Jackie.”
  13. rape culture
    Rice Mocks Baylor Rape Scandal With Classy Football Halftime ShowRice’s marching band formed an IX on the field — yes, as in Title IX.
  14. sexual assault
    USC Football Player Osa Masina Charged With RapeOsa Masina is also being investigated for another alleged sexual assault in which he Snapchatted video of the incident to the victim’s ex-boyfriend.
  15. campus rape
    UNC Student Accuses Football Player of Sexual Assault in Press ConferenceDelaney Robinson shared her experience during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.
  16. campus rape
    Anonymous Harvard Student Pens Op-ed About Being a Rape SurvivorAnd why she thinks closing finals clubs is not the answer.
  17. sexual assault
    Here’s the Powerful Letter a Survivor Read Before Her Rapist Was Sent to JailDaniel Drill-Mellum raped two women in 2014 while he was a student at the University of Minnesota.
  18. alcohol
    Stanford’s Solution to Campus Rape Is Banning Hard Liquor From PartiesThe school calls this “a targeted approach that limits high-risk behavior.”
  19. sexual assault
    Colorado Campus-Rape Victim Shares Statement“Like the sexual assault itself, my life has been ruined without my consent.”
  20. sexual assault
    Father, Son Accused in College Sexual AssaultShawn Childs Sr. allegedly drugged an incoming student while Shawn Childs Jr. is accused of raping her. 
  21. rape
    Vanderbilt Rapist Sentenced to 15 YearsHe will have to register as a sex offender.
  22. campus sexual assault
    Former Cornell Fraternity President Indicted for Sexual Abuse*Wolfgang Ballinger is suing the school.
  23. sexual assault
    U.S. Says Universities Should Investigate Rape at Off-Campus Fraternity HousesThe government called a university’s refusal to investigate off-campus rape allegations “incorrect.”
  24. Court Docs Shed Light on Rolling Stone UVA Rape StoryFilings detail how the Rolling Stone story went wrong.
  25. sexual assault
    Frat Boy Charged With Rape Will Serve ProbationFollowing two rape charges, John Enochs chose to take a plea deal.
  26. sexual assault
    Baylor University Accused of Being a ‘Hunting Ground’ for RapistsA new lawsuit alleges that the school’s issues with sexual assault are even more widespread.
  27. crimes and misdemeanors
    Baylor Demotes University President, Fires Coach for Mishandling Rape ClaimsAthletics staff “improperly discredited” rape victims and “denied them a right to a fair investigation.”
  28. campus rape
    This Ad Campaign Highlights the Dark Truth About Sexual Assault on Campus1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted in college.
  29. sexual assault
    Lady Gaga Brought Rape Survivors to the OscarsThey were onstage as she performed her powerful Oscar-nominated song.
  30. campus rape
    The Hunting Ground’s Questionable Rape StatHow one academic paper partially derailed the fight against campus rape.
  31. campus rape
    College Demands to See Rape Survivor’s Entire Sexual HistoryThe school’s lawyers claim it will help determine whether her account of trauma is “credible.”
  32. emma sulkowicz
    Lawyers for Emma Sulkowicz’s Alleged Rapist Accuse Her of MisandrySulkowicz allegedly ran a “gender based anti-male discriminatory harassment campaign.”
  33. permanent records
    New York Might Soon Require Sexual-Assault Charges on TranscriptsNew York will be the second state to require them.
  34. love and war
    Should We Teach Women Rape-Prevention Tactics?Yes, at the same time we teach men not to rape.
  35. carry that weight
    Emma Sulkowicz Made a Film Addressing RapeHer latest project is a graphic eight-minute film set in a college dorm room.
  36. victim-blaming
    Not Every Rape Victim Needs to Be Emma SulkowiczWhen we put the burden of speaking out on survivors, we let ourselves off the hook.
  37. carry that weight
    Columbia Student Carried Her Mattress to GraduationDespite earlier reports that students would not be allowed to bring “large objects” to the ceremony.
  38. A Powerful Talk About the Campus Rape Crisis at American CollegesSenator Kirsten Gillibrand, Annie E. Clark, and Jon Krakauer convene at the Women in the World conference.
  39. investigations
    Rolling Stone Will Publish a Review of the UVA Rape Story It will print Columbia Journalism School’s investigation of the controversial article.
  40. campus rape
    Campus Rape, Still a NightmareIt’s going to continue to be an important conversation in 2015.
  41. crime and punishment
    The Tiny Police Department in Southern Oregon That Plans to End Campus RapeAnd it’s now telling Washington what’s up. 
  42. carry that weight
    Scenes From Yesterday’s ‘Carry That Weight’ ProtestsMattress-carrying rape protesters turned out on campuses across the country.
  43. icymi
    Read All of the Cut’s College Week Stories in One PlaceDorm-room sex, binge-drinking, and so much more.
  44. performance art
    Marina Abramovic Is a Fan of the Mattress GirlShe “really wants to meet” Emma Sulkowicz.
  45. old jokes
    Why the Campus Rape Debate Feels Like a Bad RerunNineties campus culture wars are resuscitated in contemporary “rape culture.”