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Campus Sexual Assault

  1. lawsuits
    Female Yale Students Want to Force Frats to Accept WomenThree women have filed a class-action lawsuit as a means of combating sexual misconduct on campus.
  2. campus sexual assault
    Ex-Frat President Accused of Rape Given $400 Fine, No Prison TimeThis is at least the third time the judge has given probation to a man accused of sexually assaulting a Baylor student.
  3. lawsuits
    Surviving the ‘Predators’ Club’Three prominent Dartmouth professors allegedly tormented their female students for over 15 years. Now the women are taking on the school.
  4. campus sexual assault
    Betsy Devos Is Moving Forward With Plan to Protect Students Accused of AssaultHer new rules will constitute a major rollback of Obama’s Title IX policies, according to the New York Times.
  5. the brock turner case
    Voters Just Kicked the Judge From the Brock Turner Case Out of OfficeCalifornians have voted to recall Judge Aaron Persky, who notoriously sentenced Brock Turner to only six months in prison.
  6. campus sexual assault
    Joe Biden Says He Would’ve Beaten Up Donald Trump in High SchoolThe former vice-president criticized Trump’s treatment of women while speaking to a group of students about sexual assault.
  7. campus sexual assault
    Yale Student Found Not Guilty of Raping Classmate in Rare Campus-Assault TrialDefense attorneys repeatedly attempted to discredit the alleged victim for drinking and not wearing a more modest Halloween costume.
  8. title ix
    Betsy DeVos Sued for Rolling Back Campus Sexual-Assault ProtectionsThree civil-rights organizations claim that DeVos’s Title IX guidance violates federal law and discriminates against accusers.
  9. title ix
    Inside a Training Course for Campus Sexual Assault OfficersAt a Sheraton in Philadelphia, 500 college employees learn what qualifies as rape.
  10. title ix
    Three Dartmouth Professors Are Being Investigated for ‘Sexual Misconduct’Campus reporters drew attention to the fact that they were missing from classes.
  11. politics
    Silent Protesters Just Confronted Betsy DeVos at HarvardThey held up signs opposing white supremacy and her rollback of Obama-era campus sexual assault guidelines.
  12. politics
    Betsy DeVos Rescinds Title IX Guidance on Campus Sexual AssaultInterim guidance allows schools to use the “clear and convincing evidence” standard.
  13. niche drama
    There’s a War Brewing Over This Campus Assault Book ReviewNiche drama: feminist writers edition.
  14. criminal justice
    Brock Turner Is Used As the Example for a Rapist in This New TextbookHis picture appears in a criminal justice textbook’s rape section.
  15. Betsy DeVos’s Title IX Rollback Is a Victory for Men’s-Rights GroupsHer decision to scrap the “Dear Colleague” letter proves she’s on their side when it comes to campus rape.
  16. campus sexual assault
    Betsy DeVos Is Expected to Make a Major Announcement on Campus Sexual AssaultShe’s speaking at George Mason University on Thursday.
  17. This College Encouraged Students to Masturbate to Prevent Sexual AssaultRochester Institute of Technology suggested students “rub one out” in an orientation-week presentation.
  18. feminisms now
    Vanessa Grigoriadis on the Sexual-Assault Generation Gap Ann Friedman talks to Vanessa Grigoriadis about her new book, and what has (and hasn’t) changed for college women.
  19. campus sexual assault
    16-Year-Old Charged With Sexually Assaulting 5 Girls at Vermont Private SchoolThe student was charged with seven counts of felony sexual assault after classmates came forward.
  20. campus sexual assault
    Betsy DeVos Says She Does Not Want Sexual-Assault Cases ‘Swept Under the Rug’In a week where an Education Department official said most sexual-assault cases were drunken hookups gone wrong.
  21. campus sexual assault
    Columbia University Settles Lawsuit With Accused RapistPaul Nungesser alleged that Columbia enabled an “outrageous display of harassment and defamation,” even after he was cleared of rape charges.
  22. New Hampshire Is Investigating This Elite Boarding School for Sex-Abuse ClaimsThe state attorney general announced the criminal investigation.
  23. These Teen Girls Invented a Straw That Can Detect Date-Rape Drugs in DrinksThe “smart straw” can detect commonly used date-rape drugs.
  24. 4 Women On How One of The Worst Campus Rape Scandals Changed Their LivesOver the past year, one of the worst campus sexual-assault scandals has unfolded at Baylor University. Four women describe how it changed their lives.
  25. Reports of Campus Sexual Assault Have Tripled in the Past DecadeAccording to a new federal report.
  26. campus sexual assault
    Indiana University Bans New Student Athletes Who Have History of Sexual ViolenceThis policy applies to both incoming freshmen and transfers.
  27. Owen Labrie’s Request for a New Trial Was DeniedHe claimed his attorneys mishandled his 2015 sexual-assault trial.
  28. New Report Reveals Decades of Sexual Abuse at Elite Connecticut Boarding SchoolChoate Rosemary Hall says at least 12 former teachers sexually abused students.
  29. lawsuits
    Rolling Stone Settles Defamation Suit Over Retracted Rape StoryThe magazine reached a confidential settlement over its debunked November 2014 cover story, “A Rape on Campus.”
  30. cut cover story
    What We Lose When Sex Is All About DangerParanoia rules on today’s college campus.
  31. campus rape
    University of Texas Releases Rape-Survey ResultsFifteen percent of female students at UT Austin have been raped.
  32. campus sexual assault
    Senators Ask Trump Not to Rescind Federal Campus-Sexual-Assault Guidelines“Campus sexual assault is a widespread problem.”
  33. campus sexual assault
    Minnesota Football Players Cancel Boycott in Wake of Sexual-Assault ReportReading the 80-page report “changed the narrative” for the players.
  34. campus sexual assault
    Minnesota Boycotts Football After Sexual-Assault Inquiry Results in SuspensionsTeammates said they’re boycotting football games after 10 players were suspended following an investigation into sexual assault.
  35. This Is How Much Kansas State Charged Student Newspaper for Sexual-Assault InfoKansas State is being sued over its sexual-assault investigations.
  36. Suit Claims Stanford Treated Sexual-Assault Cases with Deliberate IndifferenceThree women who reported sexual assault on campus were reportedly mistreated by the university.
  37. Kansas State Urged to Change Its Sexual-Assault Policy Long Before Rape LawsuitsThe university says that all involved misunderstand their policy.
  38. campus sexual assault
    Students Say This University’s Refusal to Investigate One Rape Enabled AnotherTwo female students claim the school gave the assailant a “free pass.”
  39. sports
    Meet the Woman Who Wants to Fix Sexual Assault in College FootballJournalist and author Jessica Luther has some ideas for the sports industry.
  40. campus sexual assault
    Baylor University Reaches Settlement With Two Women Who Reported Gang RapesThe university has been embroiled in a sexual-assault scandal, with reports of assault from more than a dozen women.
  41. campus sexual assault
    Baylor: Head Coach Art Briles Knew About But Didn’t Report Alleged Gang RapeThe university confirmed Art Briles and Ian McCaw knew about the 2013 allegation.
  42. lawsuits
    Rolling Stone Will Pay $3 Million in Damages for Its Retracted Story About RapeA jury deliberated for less than two hours.
  43. campus sexual assault
    Ex-Vanderbilt Football Player Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison for Gang-RapeHe orchestrated and recorded the gang-rape of his then-girlfriend.
  44. Harvard Women’s Soccer Team Responds to Men’s Explicit ‘Scouting Report’“‘Locker room talk’ is not an excuse because this is not limited to athletic teams. The whole world is the locker room.”
  45. This Rape Survivor Helped Get a Major Bill Passed Through the HouseAmanda Nguyen is helping rape survivors seek justice — with the aid of some powerful friends.
  46. campus sexual assault
    UC Berkeley Banned Parties With Alcohol After Reports of Sexual AssaultThe council overseeing dozens of fraternities banned parties with alcohol following reports of sexual assault from two women.
  47. campus sexual assault
    This School May Charge Students a Fee for Sexual Assault InvestigationsThe school isn’t giving the Title IX office the funding it needs.
  48. campus sexual assault
    The Vice-President Says ‘We’ve Got to Shame People’ Who Commit Sexual Assault“We’ve got to make them the pariah. We’ve got to change the culture.”
  49. campus sexual assault
    Emma Watson Calls for Reform of Campus Assault Policies, in Powerful UN Speech“A university should be a place of refuge that takes action against all forms of violence.”
  50. rape culture
    Rice Mocks Baylor Rape Scandal With Classy Football Halftime ShowRice’s marching band formed an IX on the field — yes, as in Title IX.
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