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Campus Sexual Assault

  1. awful things
    Washington State University Fraternity Suspended After Reports of Sexual AssaultOne woman was allegedly assaulted, and at least three say they were drugged.
  2. campus sexual assault
    Stanford Takes Down Sexist Webpage About Alcohol and Sexual AssaultHow was this still up in 2016?
  3. University to Sue Student Paper for Reporting on Professor’s Sexual-Assault CaseBut the paper won’t back down.
  4. sexual assault
    Student Convicted of Rape Faces No Prison TimeAustin Wilkerson raped a partially conscious woman after reassuring friends he would take care of her following a party.
  5. campus sexual assault
    Former Cornell Fraternity President Indicted for Sexual Abuse*Wolfgang Ballinger is suing the school.
  6. awful things
    Exeter Accused of Mishandling Sexual AssaultPhillips Exeter Academy is under fire for their alleged mishandling of a groping case.
  7. campus sexual assault
    University of Tennessee Settles Title IX Case Eight women had claimed the university violated Title IX because it mishandles allegations of assault.
  8. campus sexual assault
    Brandon Vandenburg Guilty of Vanderbilt RapeIn a retrial, Vandenburg was again found guilty on all counts.
  9. campus sexual assault
    CNN Anchor Reads Letter From Victim of Stanford Assault Live on AirAshleigh Banfield dedicated the entirety of Monday’s Legal View to discussing the Stanford swimmer assault case.
  10. College Men Admit to Coercive Sex in New Study53 percent of athletes and 38 percent of non-athletes surveyed admitted to pressuring a partner into sex.
  11. campus sexual assault
    Accused Columbia Rapist Argues in Lawsuit That ‘Rapist’ Is a Gendered SlurPaul Nungesser refiled his Title IX suit against Columbia, complete with some … interesting new claims.
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    Judge Rules ‘Jackie’ Will Be Forced to Testify in Rolling Stone LawsuitThe subject of Rolling Stone’s largely discredited campus rape story now must testify in the lawsuit.
  13. campus sexual assault
    Lawyers for ‘Jackie’: Testifying Is TraumatizingThey’ve asked the judge to cancel her deposition in the lawsuit against Rolling Stone.
  14. campus sexual assault
    Football Player Attacked for Helping Rape VictimA new lawsuit filed against the University of Tennessee says members of the football team assaulted a teammate for aiding a rape survivor.
  15. campus sexual assault
    Florida State Settles With Jameis Winston AccuserErica Kinsman alleged in 2012 that the former FSU quarterback raped her.
  16. campus sexual assault
    10% of Female Students Were Assaulted in 2014–15At one school, as many as 20 percent of female undergraduates experienced sexual assault last year.
  17. campus sexual assault
    Study: Rape Rates Spike on Game Day at Big Football SchoolsA new study found reported rapes increase 41 percent on days of home football games.
  18. sex on campus
    The Man Who Defends Men Accused of Campus RapeAndrew T. Miltenberg believes everyone deserves a good defense.
  19. Frats Hire Trent Lott to Lobby The “Safe Campus Act” would make campuses less safe, according to advocates for sexual assault victims.
  20. campus sexual assault
    New ‘Disturbing’ Campus-Assault Survey ResultsAn independent survey of the sexual-assault climate at 27 different American colleges was released Monday.
  21. video
    Lady Gaga Releases Dark New Video About Campus Sexual AssaultA portion of the proceeds for the “Till It Happens to You” video will go to organizations for survivors.
  22. campus sexual assault
    Why Rape Trials Like St. Paul’s Are So RareThe jury debated questions of consent, and that’s actually pretty rare in a courtroom.
  23. crime and punishment
    Owen Labrie Found Not Guilty of Felony RapeThe former St. Paul’s School student was found not guilty on all three felony sexual-assault charges.
  24. consent
    Misguided Columbia Consent Campaign Decidedly Not ‘Bae’Outrage school is back in session.
  25. campus sexual assault
    Lady Gaga and Governor Cuomo Co-Write Op-ed on Campus Sexual AssaultToday in strange pairings.
  26. q&a
    How Shame Inspired Jon Krakauer’s Book on Rape“I set out to educate myself thoroughly.”
  27. mattress girl
    Alleged Columbia Rapist Not Doing Himself Any FavorsHe’s not convinced intimate-partner violence is real.
  28. year in review
    2014: The Year Everyone (Finally) Started Talking About Sexual AssaultThe stories weren’t new, but this year the world paid attention.
  29. campus sexual assault
    Rolling Stone Regrets Handling of UVA Rape StoryPhi Kappa Psi says the date and the description of her assailant don’t check out.
  30. rape
    The UVA Gang-Rape Backlash Is a Trap for FeministsYou can’t ruin a young man’s life by trusting a woman.
  31. carry that weight
    Scenes From Yesterday’s ‘Carry That Weight’ ProtestsMattress-carrying rape protesters turned out on campuses across the country.
  32. slideshow
    Mattress-Carrying Rape Protesters Take Columbia by StormThey left 28 mattresses on the university president’s doorstep.
  33. consent
    We Started the Crusade for Affirmative Consent Way Back in the ’90sWhen the Womyn of Antioch introduced the concept we were mocked on Saturday Night Live. What changed for Columbia’s Mattress Girl?
  34. college week
    Meet the Man Telling Colleges How to Fix Their Rape ProblemAttorney Brett Sokolow has been busy lately.
  35. speaking up
    Oh Yes Means Yes: The Joy of Affirmative ConsentThe new California law means more conversations about what we really want.
  36. love and war
    The Revolution Against Campus Sexual AssaultEmma Sulkowicz, who will not put her mattress down until her alleged rapist is expelled, is its new public face.
  37. campus sexual assault
    College Men Finding Not Raping Really Quite Burdensome“Do I deserve to have my bike stolen if I leave it unlocked on the quad?”
  38. explainers
    Why, Exactly, Are Colleges So Bad at Dealing With Rape?Both feminists and men’s rights activists agree the system fails.
  39. first person
    I Was Raped, and I Stayed Silent About My ‘Coveted Status’ Most victims don’t speak out — I didn’t.
  40. quotables
    George Will: Rape Victim Is a ‘Coveted Status’Anyone?
  41. higher education
    Colleges Need a New Attitude to Stop Sexual Assault on CampusPSAs and investigations are a start — but institutional change is hard.
  42. title ix
    Here Are All the Schools Currently Under Investigation for Mishandling RapeCourtesy of the Department of Education.
  43. initiatives
    Obama to Tackle Campus Sexual AssaultA new White House report calls it a “particular problem.”
  44. embarrassing dads
    John McCain Stands Up for Dirty JokesHis weird crusade against much-needed campus-sexual-assault policy reforms. 
  45. higher education
    Yale Fined for Underreporting Campus RapeSo ends the Department of Education’s seven-year investigation.