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  1. can u not
    Dad of Football Player Accused of Rape: It Was Consensual Because Girls Want HimThis high-schooler’s dad needs to stop talking.
  2. can u not
    Mom Arrested After Feeding Her 11-Month-Old Son Only Nuts and BerriesShe’s reportedly an “extreme” vegan.
  3. can u not
    Representative Loretta Sanchez Dabbed During a Debate & It Was Extremely AwkwardCan politicians stop embarrassing themselves for one second.
  4. can u not
    This Mirror Spots Your Flaws and Prints Out Makeup to Fix ThemMakes you miss the old days when mirrors would lie.
  5. can u not
    The NRA Sends Offensive Tweets About the Kim Kardashian RobberyMissing the point.
  6. mysteries of our time
    Is This the Real Identity of Elena Ferrante?Will this finally put to rest the rumor that the author is really a man?
  7. can u not
    Here’s How to Make Running a Marathon Even More God-awfulAdd a slow-moving train.
  8. can u not
    All Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison Wanted Was One Dang CheeseburgerCongrats, Olympic gluttons, you pissed off a judo champ.
  9. can u not
    Chinese Diver’s Boyfriend Proposes, Ruins MomentThe BBC called Qin Kai’s proposal to He Zi “an even bigger prize.”
  10. can u not
    News Anchor Tries, Fails to Kiss Co-Anchor on Live TVMaybe don’t?
  11. can u not
    Papers Announce Hillary’s Nomination With BillWhat’s wrong with this picture?
  12. pokemon catchers beware
    Someone Created an Anti-Pokémon Go List“Get a life and stay out of my yard.”
  13. can u not
    Men Incapable of Playing Pokémon Go Without Going Completely InsaneGotta drag them all.
  14. can u not
    Vegan-Fed Baby Hospitalized, Taken From ParentsThe 14-month-old toddler weighed only slightly more than a three-month-old.
  15. can u not
    Women Are Called ‘Slut’ or ‘Whore’ on Twitter Six Times a MinuteTwitter is hell.
  16. can u not
    ‘Bikini Body’ Classes for 11-Year-Old Schoolgirls Are a Terrible IdeaWhy did anyone think this was an okay idea?
  17. can u not
    A North Carolina School District Want to Ban Skinny Jeans to Prevent BullyingCan this state like chill for a sec?
  18. can u not
    State Rep Proposes Stripper Weight RequirementRelax, guys, he said it’s just a joke.
  19. can u not
    Former PA Governor Says ‘Ugly Women’ Won’t Vote for TrumpWhat a guy!
  20. can u not
    Don’t Ask Me to Share My Dress Size, ThanksSize is just a number, so put it on display!
  21. can u not
    Another Way White Men Are Ruining It for the Rest of UsThey’re overwhelmingly voting for Donald Trump.
  22. can u not
    Tween Magazine Helps Instill Body IssuesIt’s never too early.
  23. can u not
    The ‘Can You Not’ PAC Is Exactly What This Election (and Future Elections) NeedsIf you’re straight, white, and male, can you just not run for office, please?
  24. can u not
    Oklahoma Court Rules Forced Oral Sex Isn’t Rape If the Victim Is UnconsciousWell, isn’t that something?
  25. can u not
    Cruz: Trans People Shouldn’t Use Public ToiletsThat’s … interesting.
  26. can u not
    Ted Cruz’s New Ad Is Offensive to EveryoneQuite a feat.
  27. can u not
    Man Wants to Know How Many Calories Are in That Sundae Hillary Clinton Is EatingBOOOOO.
  28. can u not
    No One Asked Chris Brown to Make a Documentary About Himself, But Here We AreIn his own words, which we didn’t really need.
  29. can u not
    Thai Prime Minister Compares Women to CandySkrrtt — what?
  30. can u not
    Man’s Wedding Proposal Requires Emergency RescueBut why?
  31. Female Police Officers in Mexican City Say They Have to Pass a ‘Hotness Test’They’ve filed a complaint with Querétaro’s human-rights commission.
  32. can u not
    Gay Talese Asks Prominent Writer About Her NailsWhere is Matt McGorry’s take on this slight? 
  33. can u not
    TV Reporter Calls Out Body-Shaming Troll on Air“I’m 50 years old, and I’m not going to look like I did when I was 23.”
  34. can u not
    Tennis CEO Free to Return to the Year 1965 After Quitting Over Sexist CommentsPissing off Serena probably didn’t help either.
  35. can u not
    Man Time Travels From 1965 to Share Cool Opinion About Women Tennis PlayersAnd oh did Serena Williams let him have it.
  36. can u not
    This Is the Best and Worst Diet AdvicePlease do.
  37. can u not
    Sorry to Dr. Mike, But Having a Hot Doctor Would Be the WorstIt might be the only way to meet him, but it’s not worth it.
  38. can u not
    Don’t You Dare Tell Hillary Clinton to Smile After Her VictoryJoe Scarborough is that guy you hate from your commute.
  39. can u not
    Leave Elena Ferrante AloneCan the world’s best contemporary author live?
  40. can u not
    The Sexist Garbage Women Athletes Face, According to a WNBA StarElena Delle Donne is not here for your propositions.
  41. can u not
    Hotel Says Peephole Video Helped Andrews’ CareerThe defense team claimed Andrews made more money as a result of the video.
  42. can u not
    Olympians Are Starting to Panic About ZikaYou’re not helping.
  43. can u not
    Washington Post Editor Says Hillary Clinton Shouts Too MuchWeird how that’s not an issue the other candidates (male ones) have.
  44. can u not
    Male State Senator Takes It Upon Himself to Institute Dress Code Just for Women“Low-cut necklines and mini-skirts are inappropriate.”
  45. can u not
    All-Male Panel About Women’s Equality Not Exactly EqualBut there was a token lady moderator, so it’s fine.
  46. can u not
    Fiorina Commandeers Kids for Anti-Abortion Rally“She ambushed my son’s field trip.”
  47. can u not
    Men’s-Rights Activists Are Using Civil-Rights Legislation to Sue WomenThe members of the National Coalition for Men are using California anti-discrimination legislation to make a buck.
  48. can u not
    Celeb Gym Selfies Distracting Me From Food PicsWe get it, you’re healthy.
  49. can u not
    Time Apologized to Gloria Steinem With Gucci Bag“I wrote the editor of Time and complained and he sent me a Gucci purse.”
  50. can u not
    Guy Tries to Prove He’s Not a Creep by Writing World’s Creepiest Blog PostTruly beyond the pale.
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